20 Interesting Facts About Rocks for Children

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Rocks are an important part of our planet Earth. They are as old as our planet and thus, have been around for a long time. Rocks are found everywhere on Earth from our backyard to the front porch and playgrounds. Interestingly, a rock can change its shape over the years due to weathering. However, the change happens so slowly that it is difficult for us to see. Did you know that the heads at Mt. Rushmore are carved out of an igneous rock called granite? Here are some other interesting fun facts about rocks for kids. 

Cool Facts About Rocks

1. There are three types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

2. Rocks are categorized according to the different processes which resulted in their formation. 

3. Rocks are made of minerals such as calcite, quartz, and mica. 

4. Igneous rocks are known as primary rocks. They have been on our planet Earth for as long as its origin. 

5. The term igneous is derived from the Latin phrase “formed from fire”. This is because they were formed from solidified magma and lava from volcanoes

6. There are two types of igneous rocks, intrusive or extrusive, depending on whether the magma cooled on or below the Earth’s surface. 

7. Sedimentary rocks are made when layers of sand, mud, and small stones accumulate over the years. The most common types of sedimentary rocks are chalk, sandstone, and limestone. 

8. Sedimentary rocks are also found on the planet Mars. 

9. Sedimentary rocks constitute about 8% of the Earth’s crust. 

10. The colour of sedimentary rocks is generally reddish-brown or greyish-green, depending on the availability of oxygen. 

11. Sedimentary rocks have the least deposit of minerals. 

12. Metamorphic rocks are formed from sedimentary or igneous rocks under conditions that cause a change in their composition and texture. 

13. Metamorphic rocks can be foliated or non-foliated rocks. 

14. The study of rocks is known as geology whereas the people who study them are called geologists. 

15. Sometimes, rocks from outer space land on Earth. These rocks are known as meteorites.

16. Some rocks are classified as ores. These are rocks with metals like gold and silver. 

17. Limestone, a sedimentary rock, is a major construction material used to build the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

18. Pumice is the lightest rock on Earth. It can float on water. 

19. Rocks have also formed magnificent landmarks such as Aphrodite’s Rocks (England), Old Harry Rocks (Cyprus), and Ayers Rock (Australia).

20. Weathering is the process which breaks down rocks into smaller pieces. 


What are 5 facts about rocks?

The five facts about rocks are rocks are classified into igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Each of these categories is formed through different processes. Moreover, the rock cycle changes one rock type into another. Some rocks such as pumice, an ingenious rock, can float on water. Lastly, zircons are the oldest known rocks on our planet. 

What is special about rocks?

Rocks can be of different types such as igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. They are categorised according to the different processes which result in their formation. Moreover, their colour is determined by the composition of minerals within them.

What are rock facts for kids?

Rock is a naturally occurring solid. It is composed of one or multiple minerals and is a primary component of Earth. Moreover, the upper layer of the Earth, known as the crust, is made up of rigid rock.

Hope you had fun reading these interesting facts about rocks. If you like reading about facts, you can visit our interesting facts page to read more such blogs.

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