What is the Full Form of CLC?

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CLC full form

CLC Full Form: CLC stands for Chief Labour Commissioner. The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) Organisation, commonly known as the Central Industrial Relations Machinery, is the country’s apex organisation in charge of ensuring harmonious industrial relations, mostly in the area of central government.

History of CLC

The Organisation of the Chief Labour Commissioner (C), also known as the Central Industrial Relations Machinery, was established in April 1945 in response to the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Labour in India, and was then primarily charged with the prevention and resolution of industrial disputes, the enforcement of labour laws, and the promotion of worker welfare in Central Government undertakings. 

Combining the former organisations of the Conciliation Officer (Railways), Supervisor of Railway Labour, and the Labour Welfare Advisor, it began with a small complement of staff comprising the Chief Labour Commissioner in New Delhi, three Regional Labour Commissioners in Bombay, Calcutta, and Lahore, and eight Conciliation Officer and gradually increased as a result of expanding labour legislation”s in the post-independence period, increased industrial activity in the country.

Functions of CLC

The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) Organisation (CLC) is in charge of the following functions.

  1. Prevention and resolution of labour conflicts through conciliation/mediation.
  2. Enforcement of labour laws and rules enacted in the Central Sphere.
  3. Functions of a quasi-judicial nature
  4. Proof of Trade Union Membership
  5. Additional Functions

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