Study Notes on the Modern History of India

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The history of India has been divided into 3 eras ie Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Ancient history spans from 6,000 BCE to 650 CE while Medieval history spans from the 5th century to the 15th century. Modern History comes last and spans from the 15th century to the late 18th century. The modern history of India consists of the decline of the Mughal empire, the rise of the British Raj, the Revolt of 1857, the Indian freedom revolution, and social reforms taken place over the centuries. This blog will provide you with the Indian Modern History Notes for competitive exams. Indulge in our vast archive of Modern Indian History and savour the spirit of the past!

Why are Indian Modern History Notes Important?

Indian Modern History notes make up an important part of the study material for many competitive exams. Modern history of India is a major part of the UPSC mains exam, in the General Studies Paper I. However, these notes will be beneficial for both, prelims and mains examinations. Moreover, history notes also provide NCERT solutions. Hence, every student is recommended to read this repository. 

Let’s look at some of the important events in Indian Modern History.

Arrival of the East India Company and Its Expansion
Discover the History Of Indian Civil Services
Advent of Europeans in IndiaCarnatic War Chronicles
First Carnatic WarSecond Carnatic War
Third Carnatic WarThe Shimla Conference
Revolt of 1857First Round Table Conference
Second Round Table ConferenceThird round table conference
Poona PactIndian Mutiny
Formation of Indian National CongressMuslim League
Swadeshi MovementChamparan Satyagraha
Kheda SatyagrahaBengal Partition
Partition of India and PakistanThe Bengal Famine
Vellore MutinySimon Commission
Morley-Minto ReformsBardoli Satyagraha
Gandhi Irwin PactCripps Mission
Subsidiary AllianceBattle of Plassey
Integration of Princely StatesMahalwari System
Ryotwari SystemFormation of Bangladesh
Doctrine of LapseRowlatt Act
Chauri Chaura IncidеntRalеigh Commission
Tribal MovementIndian National Movements
Peasant MovementBattle of Plassey
Government of India Act 1935Santhal Rebellion
Subsidiary Alliance SystemChamparan Satyagraha
Doctrine of LapseKheda Satyagraha
Ryotwari SystemBardoli Movement
Mahalwari System of Land RevenueMoplah Rebellion
Pеrmanеnt Sеttlеmеnt or Zamindari SystеmPaika Rebellion 1817
Civil Disobedience Movement in IndiaQuit India Movement
Hunter CommissionKothari Education Commission
Non-Cooperation MovementSalt Satyagraha Movement
Government of India Act 1919Development of Press in India
Swadeshi MovementGhadar Movement
Indian Press Act of 1910Charter Act 1813
The Charter Act of 1833Charter Act of 1853?
Pitt’s India Act 1784Regulating Act of 1773

That is all about the modern history of India. If you want to know more information like this then you can read our blog on basic general knowledge for competitive exams.  You can also connect with our study abroad experts if you want to get admission to your dream university! 

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