What is the Full Form of TNC? 

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The full form of TNC is Transnational Corporations. TNCs are businesses that have a global reach and thus, they operate in more than one country. For instance, companies like Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, and Walmart are a few examples of transnational corporations. In this way, TNCs are embedded in various aspects of our lives ranging from the clothes we wear to the devices we use daily. 

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Characteristics of TNCs 

Generally, all transnational corporations have characteristics that differentiate them from other similar companies. Here is a list of their common characteristics which include:

  • TNCs are huge companies with a substantial number of employees. 
  • They aim to maximize their size and revenue by having multiple branches with different activities. 
  • Due to their considerable revenue, they can employ the latest technology in the market. 
  • TNCs are spread across the globe by having branches in multiple countries.
  • Additionally, they have access to global markets. 

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Advantages of TNCs 

Here are a few notable advantages of TNCs:

  • They bring money into the country and offer huge profits to companies. 
  • TNCs can bring the latest technology and knowledge to businesses and their employees. 
  • Some TNCs have the potential to improve the transport conditions of a specific area. 
  • They can also aid in developing the country. 

Disadvantages of TNCs 

TNCs also have a bunch of disadvantages such as: 

  • They pay low wages to laborers. 
  • Some TNCs have been accused of exploiting workers. 
  • Many companies have insufficient records of workers’ protection. 
  • Some TNCs contribute significantly to pollution. 

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