What is the Full Form of OTP?

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OTP full form

The full form of OTP is One-time Password. In this fast-paced economy where online scams are becoming more common than ever, strengthening your security online has become more than a necessity. This is where OTP steps in. As the full form suggests, OTP is a unique and temporary code that is used to authenticate financial transactions. It is generally of four to six digits and is sent to the user’s phone number or email address. 

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What is the Importance of OTP? 

As mentioned earlier, OTPs play a crucial role in safeguarding our sensitive information. Here are the other advantages of OTP:

  • OTPs build a sense of trust and security among users to confidently make use of digital platforms. 
  • It can curb fraudulent activities and make users aware of any potential risks associated with their transactions. 
  • OTPs enhance overall security by adding additional layers of safety even if a malicious entity obtains your login credentials. 

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How does an OTP Work?

OTP is also commonly known as two-factor authentication. It utilizes algorithms that automatically generate random codes which are limited for a limited period of time. Interestingly, there are different ways of doing so, including:

  • SMS-based OTP: This method sends the OTP to the user’s registered mobile number via SMS. 
  • Time-based OTP (TOTP): It generates OTP at specific fixed intervals usually every 30-60 seconds. 
  • HMAC-based OTP (HOTP): In this method, the OTP is generated by simply sharing the code and counter value. The user device as well as the server saves the counter value.

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