What is the Full Form of DDO?

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The full form of DDO is Drawing & Disbursing Officer. The Central Government of India has appointed the DDO as the head of the respective office, with prior responsibilities for drawing cheques and processing transactions on behalf of the government. A DDO is given this central duty in conformity with Rule 2(xii) cited in 2005’s General Financial Rules. If you wish to know more about DDO, then continue reading.

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Who Appoints a DDO?

A DDO is selected in accordance with the counsel of the head of the office, as per 1983 CGA (R&P) regulation 35. Any Gazette Officer working under the Office Head may be allowed to sign orders and bills on behalf of the Office Head. 

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Types of DDO

  • Cheque Drawing DDO
  • Non-cheque Drawing DDO
  • Combined DDO

Responsibilities of a DDO

A DDO is expected to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Creating separate invoices based on several designations
  • Creating regulations for employees regarding payment, OTA expenses, etc
  • Checking revenue collection on a regular basis, maintaining payment and collaborating with the Public Accounts Officer to negotiate the account

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What Types of Payment Do DDO Approve?

  • Concerned offices’ health bills and medical claims
  • LTC (Leave Travel Concession) and other travel expenses
  • All GPF-related advancements
  • Allowances as well as other short-term advances
  • Office record of the salaries paid to GRD and DLI workers
  • Additional time allowances

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