What is the Full Form of IPG?

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IPG Full Form

The Full Form of IPG is the Indian Parliamentary Group. A Parliamentary group is a formal association of legislators within a legislative body. Moreover, they are usually members of the same political party. Furthermore, these groups are also known as caucuses and unite members with shared political views or ideologies. In addition, this allows them to collaborate on legislation and develop a common strategy. Read on to learn more about the IPG Full Form, its History, Objectives, and Functions. 

What is the History of IPG?

Indian Parliamentary Group was established in 1949 as an autonomous body by a motion adopted by the Constituent Assembly on the 16th of August 1948. 

  • Since then, membership has been open to all members of the Parliament who can also become associate members of the group, without having all the rights.
  • Moreover, they do not have the right to be represented at IPU and CPA meetings and conferences. 
  • Additionally, they are not eligible for the travel benefits that some CPA chapters offer to their members.
  • In addition, the ex-officio Vice-president of the group is the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
  • The other ex-officio secretary-general of the group is the secretary-general of the Lok Sabha.

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What are the Objectives of IPG?

Furthermore, the Objectives of IPG are as follows:

  • They identify and research important public matters likely to be debated in Parliament.
  • The group plans conferences, discussions, and introductory sessions to enhance MPs’ knowledge.
  • They create publications to keep members informed on relevant topics.
  • The group organizes lectures by MPs and experts on political, defence, economic, and social issues.
  • They arrange visits to other countries to connect with MPs from other parliaments.

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What are the Functions Of IPG?

Additionally, there are numerous functions of the Indian Parliamentary Group:

  • International Connections: The IPG facilitates links between the Indian Parliament and other parliaments worldwide.
    • In addition, this is achieved through activities like goodwill missions and delegations with foreign counterparts.
  • Speaker Events: The IPG organizes events featuring distinguished speakers and addresses from foreign governments and heads of state for the benefit of Indian parliamentarians.
  • Travel Support: For IPG members travelling abroad, the organization provides letters of introduction to officials at Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) branches and national Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) groups.
    • Moreover, the Indian missions abroad are informed to give assistance and courtesies to these travelling members.
  • Delegation Eligibility: To participate in Indian Parliamentary Delegations, members must have been part of the IPG for at least six months at the time the delegation is formed.

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What are the functions of the Indian Parliamentary Group?

The IPG acts as a link between the Indian Parliament and other global parliaments, facilitates interactions through goodwill missions and delegations, hosts distinguished speakers and addresses by foreign dignitaries, and assists members during overseas travels by providing letters of introduction and liaison with international parliamentary bodies.

Who holds the ex-officio positions within the IPG?

The ex-officio president of the IPG is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, while the ex-officio vice-president includes the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. The ex-officio secretary-general is the secretary-general of the Lok Sabha.

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