What is the Full Form of PWD?

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PWD Full Form

The full form of PWD is the “Public Works Department”. Construction and upkeep of public facilities, such as drinking water supply, roads, bridges, and public transit, are the responsibility of the Indian government’s PWD department. PWD is in charge of fixing any damage to public properties like schools, hospitals, or roads. All types of public service activities in India are managed by the Department of Public Works, a centralized organization. 

With geographically dispersed Divisions, Sub-Divisions, and Units, each state has its own PWD. There appears to be a different PWD for states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Mizoram, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, and many others. In every country, the departments are subject to the same duties.

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Responsibilities of PWD

  • The town’s clean drinking water supply and the pipeline’s repair fall under the purview of the PWD.
  • Additionally, PWD will undertake the reconstruction of any damaged public facilities, such as hospitals, roadways, and schools.
  • Its duties are essentially the same in every state, including designing and constructing all government-led public projects, creating and developing highways, providing security, road and highway services, maintaining and modernizing public buildings, and so forth.
  • The military once conducted some of this research in India. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the administration of public works was eventually transferred to a specific division of the Indian Civil Service.

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Classification of PWD’s Work

  • Drinking Water System
  • Maintenance and development of public buildings
  • Construction and Maintenance of Bridges
  • Highways, population expansion, flyovers, and road safety.

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Functions of PWD

1. Planning and Design: One of the primary functions of PWD is to plan and design public infrastructure projects. This involves conducting feasibility studies, creating blueprints, and determining the most efficient way to execute construction plans.

2. Construction and Implementation: Once the planning and design phase is complete, PWD oversees the construction and implementation of public infrastructure projects. This involves coordinating with contractors, managing resources, and ensuring that construction work is carried out according to approved specifications. 
3. Maintenance and Repair: In addition to construction projects, PWD is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of existing public infrastructure. This includes regular inspections, routine maintenance activities and timely repairs to address any damage or deterioration.

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