When Is The Champaran Satyagraha Date?

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When is Champaran Satyagraha Date

The Champaran Satyagraha took place in April 1917. Led by Mahatma Gandhi, this movement aimed to address the injustices faced by indigo farmers in the Champaran district of Bihar. This movement marked the beginning of Gandhi’s entry into India’s freedom struggle and journey towards its Independence. In this blog, let’s delve deeper into the Champaran Satyagraha date and explore the events that led to this historic protest.

Timeline of Champaran Satyagraha

In the early 20th century, indigo farmers in Champaran were forced to plant indigo on a portion of their land by British landlords. The indigo farmers were facing severe exploitation and abuse at the hands of the landlords, who were backed by the British colonial authorities. The farmers were required to surrender a substantial portion of their crops as rent for the land they cultivated, leading to extreme poverty and hardship. This land revenue was known as Tinkathia. The dates leading to Champaran Satyagraha are – 

  1. April 16, 1917: Mahatma Gandhi arrives in Champaran and begins gathering evidence of the farmers’ plight.
  2. April 18, 1917: Gandhi is ordered to leave Champaran by the British authorities, but he refuses and decides to stay and continue his protest.
  3. April 23, 1917: The first mass meeting of the farmers is held in Champaran, where Gandhi outlines his plan for nonviolent resistance against the indigo system.
  4. April 30, 1917: British authorities are forced to appoint a committee to investigate the grievances of the farmers, marking a significant victory for the Satyagraha movement.
  5. May 8, 1917: The Champaran Agrarian Bill was proposed, granting relief to the farmers and putting an end to the exploitative system of forced indigo cultivation.
  6. November 29, 1917: The Champaran Agrarian Bill was introduced in the Legislative Council.
  7. 1918: The bill was finally passed by the British Government, and the plight of the farmers was immediately improved.

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Mahatma Gandhi, who had recently returned to India from South Africa, was approached by the farmers of Champaran to help them in their struggle against the oppressive indigo system. Gandhi visited Champaran in April 1917 and from here India’s national movements led by Gandhi ensued.

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