Top 20 Fun Facts About Antarctica for Kids

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Huge icebergs, extreme living conditions, and almost no population around are what make this place on the bucket list of people. The desert, still untouched by commercialization and privatization, is Earth’s seventh continent on the southernmost tip. In terms of land, the driest and windiest continent covers an area of 5,100,100 square miles. There are still a lot of facts that you need to learn. So grab your popcorn and dive right into the fun facts about Antarctica for kids. 

Facts About Antarctica 

  1. Antarctica is known to be a desert because of the annual precipitation which is less than 2 inches every year. 
  1. Almost 98% of Antarctica is covered in ice which is almost 4 km thick. Moreover, 70% of the world’s freshwater comes from this place. 
Source- Secret Atlas

  1. Antarctica continent is home to many active volcanoes. The top two active volcanoes are Mount Erebus (due south of New Zealand) and Deception Island, southeast of Cape Horn, South America.)
  1. This fun fact about Antarctica for kids is amazing and shocking at the same time for kids. This continent has no native human population. It is because it is one of the most uninhabitable areas in the world. 
  1. Around 34 million years ago, it is said that Antarctica used to be ice-free, but now to our surprise, we all know it is the coldest place on the surface of the earth.
  1. The continent of Antarctica is the highest continent with an elevation of 7,500 ft. above sea level.
  1. Out of all the seven continents, Antarctica is only bigger than two continents which are Europe and Australia to become the fifth largest continent. 

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  1. Antarctica is not just ice and islands, it also has water. This coldest desert has hidden water and consists of 70% of drinkable water but in the form of ice. 
  1. Some kids might already know the fun fact that this desert has almost 90% of the world’s ice.
  1. On the surface of the earth, if there was any time when the lowest temperature was recorded, it was on the lands of Antarctica only. The place is called Sovie Union Vostok Station with a temperature of -128.6°F (-89.2°C) in 1983.
  1. Kids love penguins and they should know the fun fact about Antarctica that emperor penguins reside in this bone-chilling place. 
Source- National Geographic Kids

  1. There is a treaty called ‘The Antarctic Treaty’ which was signed in 1959 and it states that this continent should be a region for peaceful scientific cooperation and bans anything of any nation’s profit like nuclear testing, mineral mining, and military activity. 
  1. The famous aurora australis or the southern lights, the appearance of natural light in Earth’s sky can be seen in Antarctica. 
  1. A lake in Antarctica called Lake Vostok is the largest subglacial lake, located 2.5 miles beneath Russia’s Vostok Station on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS). 
  1. A fun fact about Antarctica is that this continent has saved us from global warming. How? 
  1. The first person documented to be born in this cold desert is Emilio Marcos Des Palma Morella, on 7 January 1978. Ever since a total of 10 people have been born here. 
  1. Antarctica consists of a buried mountain range which is also known as Ghost Mountains. The Mountain range is called Gamburtsev Mountains spread for 1200 km across the continent and are 3000 meters in height. 
  1. The world’s largest wind-driven current called the circumpolar current permanently surrounds Antarctica from west to east, making it cool at all times. 
  1. Polar bears, as the name suggests are only available around the poles which is why they are only found in Antarctica. 
Source- National Wildlife Federation

  1. This fun fact about Antarctica for kids will amaze children who hate lizards, chameleons, or any other reptile. This continent is free of any reptile. 

These are the fun facts about Antarctica for kids. Hope kids have found it amazing to learn about these things. 

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