What is the Full Form of IFFCO?

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IFFCO Full Form

The full form of IFFCO is Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative. It is owned by the GOI and stands out as a leading cooperative multi-state organization on the global stage, run entirely by Indian Cooperatives. It was founded on the 3rd of November 1967 by Udaybhansinhji Natwarsinhji Jethwa. Moreover, IFFCO’s current Chairman is Dileep Sanghani with U.S. Awasthi as the CEO and MD. 

NameIndian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative
Established on3 November 1967
Headquarters New Delhi  

Fascinating Fact! As per the World Cooperative Monitor of 2021, there are 35,000 member cooperatives. As compared to 57 member cooperatives when it first began in the year 1967. 

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What is the Work of IFFCO?

Additionally, IFFCO has an important part in India’s progress by guaranteeing a prompt delivery of top-notch agricultural services and products, particularly fertilizers. Here are the functions carried out by IFFCO:

  • Encouraging farmers to boost their income through diverse farm-based initiatives such as dairy farming and beekeeping.
  • Moreover, improving sanitation facilities and giving veterinary services in rural areas.
  • Contributing to rural regions’ social and economic advancement by guaranteeing fair compensation.
  • Furthermore, making sure the timely distribution of premium fertilizers to all farmers throughout the country.
  • Lastly, managing and supporting soil testing laboratories, both mobile and stationary. To improve the understanding and analysis of various soil types nationwide.

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How many Plants are in IFFCO?

5 Plants are owned by IFFCO, they are in the:

  1. Kandla, Gujarat
  2. Kalol, Gujarat
  3. Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh
  4. Aonla, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Paradeep, Odisha
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