What is the Full Form of HOTS? 

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HOTS Full Form

The full form of HOTS is Higher Order Thinking Skills. According to Thomas & Thorne, HOTS refers to skills that are higher than simply remembering new facts or retelling something to others. These are cognitive skills that go beyond basic knowledge and generally involve problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and analysis. Today, HOTS is an essential part of education as it helps students develop the required skills, knowledge, and high-level thinking abilities. 

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Importance of HOTS

Interestingly, HOTS is not limited to a specific area of study. Instead, it can be applied across various disciplines from science and mathematics to social studies and language arts. The importance of higher order thinking skills include:

  • Encourages critical thinking by challenging students to think critically and analyze carefully.
  • HOTs can help students develop creative thinking.
  • They can also encourage problem-solving skills.
  • Additionally, higher order thinking skills help students develop cognitive skills such as evaluation, analysis, and creativity.
  • Students can develop the right skill set to pursue higher education and build successful careers. 
  • These skills prepare students to face real-world problems.

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What are the HOTS Questions?

To effectively promote HOTS in education, teachers can resort to a wide range of strategies and activities. For instance, they can opt for open-ended questions rather than going for factual questions. Here are a few examples of HOTS questions:

  • What, according to you, would have happened next?
  • What would you like to change in the story?
  • What are some possible outcomes according to your understanding?
  • Can you recall any instance where…?
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