How to Give a Self Introduction in Viva Exam?

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How to Give a Self Introduction in Viva Exam

A viva exam is an oral examination to test the knowledge of students along with their ability to present their answers in a spoken manner. Viva is an oral examination, where candidates have to prove their subjective knowledge on the spot. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to find out what your examiner wants to hear. 

Further, the viva examiner may form an opinion of you as soon as you introduce yourself. Hence, make sure to read this article carefully and find out how to give a self-introduction in the viva exam to make a lasting impression.

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Why it is Important to Give a Good Introduction?

By now you should have come to understand that evading a self-introduction in viva is next to impossible. The examiner will not proceed with the questioning and answering session unless you introduce yourself and your progress so far. 

This may sound trivial but this is an opportunity where students can grab the attention of the examiner and lure him to give extra credit points for their communication skills. 

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Self Introduction in Viva: Samples

It is important to note that the viva counsellor is there to test your subjective knowledge and not to entertain any other interests. Hence, while giving the viva self-introduction, you would need to first state your name, academic qualification and achievements, and then smartly mention your hobbies or interests. 

You may look at the self-introduction samples for the viva exam as a reference given below to frame your unique introduction. 

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Self Introduction Sample for School Viva

Good morning Sir/Ma’am, Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself. I am Ved, born in Bihar and brought up in Delhi. I am currently enrolled in xxx High School as a Commerce student in the 12th standard. Last semester, I scored 85% overall. My short-term goal is to score more than 90% in board exams and apply to Cambridge University for higher studies. While in the long term, I see myself starting my own business and adding value to the Indian economy.  

Self Introduction Sample for College Viva

Good morning Sir/Ma’am, Thank you for offering the opportunity to introduce myself formally. I am Vihan, born in Bihar and currently residing in Delhi. I have completed my schooling with a score of 80% from xxx High School, Noida. Soon after I enrolled in Miranda House for a Bachelor’s in Arts to see the world from the lens of aesthetics. Currently, I am hoping to widen my knowledge horizon and score high in my academics. In the long term, I am optimistic about striving hard and improving organizational efficiency by joining a top organization suited best to my strengths and knowledge. 


How should I start my self-introduction in a viva?

Start your viva self-introduction by thanking the examiner for allowing you an introduction and then state your name, academic achievements, along with your strengths and future goals.

What are the important details to mention in a self-introduction?

In a self-introduction, candidates are required to mention themselves and introduce a bit about their background. Following that, candidates need to convince the examiner of their achievements, ambitions and potential they hold for future growth. 

What are some popular viva questions:

Ans. Some of the popular viva questions are: Tell me about yourself.
What ethical considerations did you apply?
What makes your thesis work original?
What are your research techniques?
What are your biggest strengths?
What are your highest achievements?
Summarize your key findings.

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This was all about the self-introduction for a Viva exam. Keep an eye on our career counselling page, for getting more of your interview queries resolved and follow Leverage Edu.

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