ASAP Full Form: Definition, Meaning, and Example Sentences

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asap full form

You would hear ASAP as you go along in public or private areas such as in the office or informal talks. ASAP full form is As Soon As Possible. It is a short form which is mostly used in chats and casual conversation. But sometimes, it is also used to schedule any project work. ASAP is used to express urgency to complete any work be it giving a reply or completing a project. Read this article to learn about the meaning and usage of ASAP!

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Meaning of ASAP

ASAP is the acronym that is most commonly used in chats or informal communication. It is used to indicate the urgency of the task. When the short form ASAP is used, it tells to give higher priority to the task. 

For example, deliver the product at my office asap. 

So, if you want to show that you need the product on an urgent basis then, in that case ASAP is used. 

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Example Sentences to used ASAP

Here are some scenarios in which the acronym ASAP might be appropriate:

  1. In a Business Setting: Deliver the report ASAP.
  2. In Personal Setting: Please order these fiction books for me ASAP.
  3. In an Informal Setting: 
  • Let’s have dinner ASAP.
  • Can you text me back ASAP. 

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