What is the Full Form of SLV?

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SLV full form

The full form of SLV is a Satellite Launch Vehicle. It is a rocket used to launch satellites into orbit. It is typically a multi-stage rocket, with each stage providing the thrust to propel the rocket upward and upward. India’s first launch vehicle, SLV-3, was successfully launched in 1980. This made India the sixth country in the world capable of launching its own satellites into orbit.

How do SLVs work?

They use a series of rocket engines to propel the rocket and payload into orbit. Each section of the SLV has its own rocket engine, which fires up when the previous section burns out. The first stage provides the most thrust, as it must lift the entire rocket and its payload off the ground.

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Subsequent stages save energy, as the rocket and payload are smaller. The payload is released into circulation once the last section has burned out. The payload then uses its kinetic energy to maintain orbit around Earth.

Types of SLVs

There are several types classified according to their payload capacity and orbital penetration capability.

  • Light Lift SLVs: These have a payload capacity of up to 500 kg and are capable of launching a satellite into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
  • Medium-lift SLVs: They have a payload capacity of 500 kg to 2000 kg and can launch a satellite into LEO or geosynchronous orbit (GEO).
  • Heavy Lift SLVs: The payload capacity of them are more than 2000 kg and can launch satellites into GEO or interplanetary orbits.

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Usage of the vehicle

They play an important role in modern space exploration and satellite technology. They allow us to launch satellites into orbit, and they provide a wide range of services, including communications, navigation, and Earth observation.

SLVs are also used to launch space probes and other spacecraft so that we can explore the solar system and beyond. They are essential for space exploration and satellite technology. They allow us to launch satellites into orbit, providing a wide range of services and helping us explore the universe.

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