What’s the Full Form of BDC?

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bdc full form

If you are wondering what BDC stands for, you are not alone. BDC is an acronym that can have different meanings depending on the context and the field. In this blog, we will explore some of the common and important BDC full form and what is their significance in their respective fields. Read on to know more!

BDC Full Form

One of the most common BDC full form is Block Development Council, also known as Block Development Committee or Kshetra Panchayat Member in Hindi. BDC is a type of government organization that mainly executes the works related to the development of the block and the Panchayat planning.

BDC is a committee at the block level that works to oversee the development works of Panchayats. BDC members are elected by the people of the Gram Sabha (village assembly) in a direct election. Each Gram Sabha can have one or more BDC members depending on the number of wards. The BDC members then elect a Block Pramukh (block chief) who is the head of the BDC.

Business Development Company

Another common full form of BDC is Business Development Company, a kind of company that helps other companies that are new or having problems. BDCs were made by the U.S. government in 1980 to create more jobs and help new U.S. businesses get money.

BDCs give money to private companies and small public companies that are not doing well or have few customers. They get money from people who buy their shares or bonds or other things. They use this money to help the companies they invest in.

BDCs can help the companies they invest in by lending them money or buying their shares or other things that can change into shares later. BDCs also guide and train the companies they invest in because they want them to do well.

Other Full Forms of BDC

Besides Block Development Council and Business Development Company, there are many other full forms of BDC that are used in different fields and contexts. Some of them are:

  • Backup Domain Controller: A server that acts as a backup for the primary domain controller (PDC) in a network.
  • Business Data Catalog: A feature of Microsoft SharePoint that allows users to access and display data from external sources.
  • Batch Data Communication: A method of transferring data between a computer system and an external device or another computer system.
  • Business Development Center: A department or unit within a company that focuses on generating new business opportunities and expanding existing ones.
  • Bangladesh Development Corporation: A state-owned enterprise that operates various industries and services in Bangladesh.
  • Bangalore Development Committee: A statutory body that oversees the planning and development of Bangalore city in India.
  • Big Daddy Cane: A nickname for American rapper Big Daddy Kane.

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So these are some of the BDC full form that you may encounter in different situations. If you want to discover more full forms like this, go through this full forms list and stay tuned with Leverage Edu.

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