Top 10 Interesting Facts About West Bengal

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facts about West Bengal

West Bengal is a state with a culturally active population and everybody would agree to it because we all have seen there Durga Puja. Right? If someone has travelled to this place, they must be aware that it’s like you are travelling way back in time. If you haven’t already been there, then you have a million reasons to make this place on your bucket list. Or at least in this article, we will give you enough reasons through some interesting facts about West Bengal. So scroll up and let’s dive right into it. 

Overview of West Bengal

Before getting into facts about West Bengal, let’s see an overview of the state. 

StateWest Bengal
LocationEastern India
Bordering states (clockwise)Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam, Bangladesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Nepal
Area34,267 square miles (88,752 square km)
Population (2011)91,347,736
CapitalKolkata (Calcutta)

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Facts About Kolkata

Here are a few facts about Kolkata that you will enjoy learning about. 

  1. Has anyone ever thought that West Bengal would have some of the best beaches in the nation? Yes! Some of the top names are- Digha, Mandarmani, Bakkhali, Shankarpur, and Janpat. 
  2. West Bengal has the Ghum Railway Station, the world’s highest, as part of its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.
  3. Durga Puja, a major festival celebrating good over evil, is a vibrant cultural experience and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  4. Kolkata houses the Indian Museum, the oldest and largest museum in India and the Asia-Pacific region. It showcases a diverse collection from art to fossils.
  5. West Bengal boasts the world’s largest banyan tree, a 200-year-old marvel located at the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden near Kolkata.

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  1. A unique group of wandering singers called the Bauls keeps Bengal’s culture alive with their devotional songs and rich traditions, recognized by UNESCO.
  2. Dooars, the Himalayan foothills in North Bengal, offers stunning landscapes, wildlife encounters, and lush tea plantations. 
  3. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is the birthplace of the Indo-Chinese cuisine we relish across India. Chinese immigrant adapted their recipes to local tastes, creating a unique fusion of flavours.
  4. Kolkata’s colonial past as India’s capital is evident in its grand architecture. Today, it’s known for its vibrant Christmas celebrations
  5. The fourth most populous state, West Bengal, is located in eastern India with an area of approximately 88,750 km2.


What is unique in West Bengal?

Darjeeling’s famous tea plantations, a land of diverse wildlife, mighty rivers, and the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest make West Bengal unique.

What is West Bengal best known for?

One of the best things in West Bengal is its terracotta temples throughout the state. 

What is West Bengal’s famous food?

Some of the most famous foods of West Bengal are Rosogullas, Chomchom, and Rasamalai, the super tasty Sorshe Ilish, and Chingri Macher Malai Curry. 

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These are all the facts about West Bengal. Hope you had a good time learning about these interesting facts. If you want to know more about topics like this, then visit our general knowledge page! Alternatively, you can also read our blog on general knowledge for competitive exams

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