What is the Full Form of IMD? 

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full form of IMD

The full form of IMD is India Meteorological Department. It was established in the year 1875 as the apex governing body of all matters related to meteorology. In other words, the India Meteorological Department acts as the National Meteorological Service of India. At present, the India Meteorological Department is under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, also known as MoES.

Name India Meteorological Department 
Year of establishment 15 January 1875
Headquarters New Delhi

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What is the Role of IMD? 

Now that you know about the full form of IMD, let us move further. The role of the IMD or India Meteorological Department is multifaceted. For starters, it is responsible for weather forecasting and meteorological observations. Here are its other roles and responsibilities:

  • It conducts research in meteorology. 
  • The IMD offers meteorological statics for different fields like water resource management, agriculture, oil exploration, and so on.
  • It also warns netizens about severe weather phenomena to mitigate the destruction caused to life, property, and harvest.

Organization Structure of IMD 

Here are a few key points about the organizational structure of the India Meteorological Department:

  • The Head of the India Meteorological Department is the Director General of Meteorology.
  • There are 4 additional Director Generals in New Delhi and 1 in Pune. 
  • The IMD consists of 20 Deputy Directors General out of which 10 are at New Delhi.

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IMD Regional Centres

To make the entire management more convenient and hassle-free, the India Meteorological Department has established 6 regional centers. They are located throughout India in different cities such as:

  • Mumbai
  • Nagpur 
  • Chennai
  • Guwahati 
  • New Delhi
  • Calcutta 

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What is the Full Form of IMD in Banking?

In banking, the full form of IMD is India Millennium Deposits. These were special bank instruments issued by the State Bank of India specifically for NRIs. it was instructed in the year 2000 as a type of promissory note with attractive interest rates and tax benefits. 

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