11 Creepy Facts About Mirrors

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Creepy Facts About Mirrors

Mirrors have always captivated us. While some use them to get ready in the morning, others like their vintage and wooden aesthetic to add charm to their basic rooms. Apart from their everyday function, mirrors have always been a fascinating part of folklore, cultural superstitions, and fears. Did you know that many people around the world have experienced numerous paranormal incidents with mirrors? Here are some creepy facts about mirrors that might scare your sleep away.

Scary Facts About Mirrors

1. Justus von Liebig, a German chemist, is credited with inventing the silvered-glass mirror in 1835.

2. Strange figures or ghostly faces appearing in the mirror are among the most widely observed disturbing mirror experiences in the world. 

3. Seeing strange things inside a mirror can be caused by human visual pareidolia in which our brain tricks itself into perceiving recognizable patterns like faces in random shapes and shadows. 

4. In certain cultures, there are taboos regarding the use of mirrors at night. This is because they are seen as potential gateways for dark forces and spirits to enter the world. 

5. Some people believe that staring into a mirror at night can invite negative entities from other worlds. 

6. The famous Bloody Mary legend presents the idea that chanting it in front of a dimly lit mirror can invite the spirit of a disfigured woman.

7. The evil doppelganger is another popular experience people have with mirrors. 

8. Eisoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors or reflective objects which can result from numerous factors. 

9. Some tales suggest that broken or cracked mirrors can also serve as a portal for supernatural beings. 

10. Black mirrors, also known as obsidian mirrors, have been used multiple times in occult practices. 

11. Romans believed that if you break a mirror, you might cause harm to your soul and life which are renewed every seven years. Thus, it may cause seven years of bad luck. 


What are the creepy facts about mirrors?

Some creepy facts about mirrors include that some cultures see them as a portal for negative entities, Romans believed that breaking a mirror can cause seven years of bad luck, and lastly, black mirrors were used in occult practices.

Why are mirrors scary at night?

Mirrors look scary at night as many cultures believe that they can summon spirits and demons from another world into ours. Some people have even experienced seeing strange and ghastly figures. 

What is an interesting fact about mirrors?

One interesting fact about mirrors is that earlier, people used water to see themselves in the reflection. Over the years, they started using polished volcanic glass to make mirrors. Today, they are made using a sheet of glass with a thin layer of silver or aluminium. 

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