What is the Full Form of BSCS? 

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bscs full form

The full form of BSCS is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. It is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program with a main focus on Computer Science. Its curriculum opens up a lot of career opportunities for students in the field of Computer Science. This program helps students to get skilled in solving complex business problems in the globalised economy and also to develop new opportunities through technology. After completing the course the students get well-versed in solving problems through data analysis and information technology. 

Duration of the BSCS Program 

BSCS course is a three-year degree undergraduate program which is further divided into 6 semesters. Students need to sit for the examination after every semester. The first year is all about laying a strong foundation for students whereas the next two years entail imparting students knowledge about specialised subjects which helps in opening up career opportunities for them. 

Eligibility Criteria 

In order to get admission to the BSCS course the candidate must have completed their 12th class in the Science stream with PCM subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Although some institutions may enrol students from any stream. 

Skills Required 

Mentioned below are some of the skills that a student must possess in order to study BSCS program and also to perform professionally well after that. 

  • Technological skills – The student should be well-versed in cutting-edge technology as they will be working with computers in the BSCS program. 
  • Analytical skills – Performing analysis is a major part of the BSCS program therefore a student should have excellent analytical skills so that they are able to solve problems efficiently. 
  • Mathematical skills – Strong mathematical skills are required to write codes, software, algorithms and equations. 
  • Problem-Solving skills – Solving problems is a large part of this program therefore, in order to successfully complete this course a candidate must have strong problem-solving skills in order to solve problems quickly and effectively. 

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