How to Become a Python Developer in India: Salary and Perks

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How to become a python developer

A Python Developer or a Python Programmer is a computer programmer or computer science enthusiast who uses Python programming language to develop web applications. She/they/he is also responsible for testing and debugging software and computer applications. A Python Expert is engaged in the development of backend components of an application and offers support to frontend developers. To become a Python Programmer in India, an individual must acquire a Diploma specialization or a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. After completing these courses, one can either join an organization or pursue a Master’s degree in the relevant field. 

How to Become a Python Developer?

An individual needs to possess certain skills and acquire minimum education qualifications to become a Python expert in India. The journey of a programmer begins with senior secondary-level education. However, there is no destination for this journey as an IT professional is required to update her/their/his skills constantly to cope with the rapidly evolving computer technologies. 

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Academic Qualifications

Individuals aspiring to become Python Programmers need to acquire a degree in computer science. Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a Python language developer in India:

Step 1: Aspirants need to clear 10+2 from an accredited education board. They must complete the Class 12 board or an equivalent examination in the Science stream with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Computer Science or Computer Applications from a certified education board. 

Step 2: The next step in the career path of a Python programmer is appearing for an Engineering Entrance Examination or University Entrance Examination after the successful completion of 10+2. Some of the major entrance exams are:

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Step 3: After qualifying for an Engineering or University Entrance Examination, aspirants must enroll in an undergraduate program. Given below are the most relevant courses for a future Python Developer:

S.No.Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Diploma DegreeBachelor of Engineering (BE)/ Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Degree
1Computer ScienceComputer Science Engineering
2Computer ApplicationComputer Application
3Communication TechnologyCommunication and Electronics Engineering
4ElectronicsInformation Technology

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Step 4: Degree and Diploma holders of the aforementioned courses can gain employment in the IT industry. Or to get a career boost and expand their knowledge about Python, a BSc/BTech/BE degree holder can opt for a post-graduate degree in the following programmes:

S.No.Master of Science (BSc) or Post Graduate Diploma (PGDM)Bachelor of Engineering (BE)/ Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Degree
1Computer Science EngineeringComputer Science Engineering
2Computer ApplicationComputer Application
3Communication TechnologyCommunication and Electronics Engineering
4ElectronicsInformation Technology Engineering

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Skills Required

Here are some requisite skills to become a Python developer in India:

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Certification Courses

Individuals planning to pursue a career as a Python Developer may opt to pursue the following certification courses to enhance their skill set and expand their knowledge:

  • Python Programming
  • Python Training 
  • Data Science with Python
  • ML with Python
  • AI with Python
  • Python Scripting Training
  • ML & AI with Python
  • Executive Development Programme in Data Science with Python, R and Excel
  • Python Django Training

Job Description

A Python Programmer is the spine of front-end developers as they/she/he has the responsibility of coding, designing, debugging, and deploying development projects. This IT professional works in close coordination with the database team and is required to have valuable insights into the data collection process and data analytics. 

Here is the job description for a Python Developer:

  • Identifying the needs of applications and working with developers to create the required applications.
  • Writing multi-faceted codes to develop web and mobile applications.
  • Developing server logic, backend components, web applications, and statistical learning models.
  • Designing and implementing data protection methodologies and techniques, security features, and low and high-latency applications.
  • Testing codes and debugging software applications by using Python framework tools like PyUnit, Behave, and Pytest. 

Python Developer Salary and Perks

A Python Developer in India joins an organization as a Junior Python Programmer and advances to become a Senior Python Programmer. With time and experience, a Junior Developer goes on to become the Team Lead and Project Manager. The table below mentions different job titles/positions of Python Experts and the estimated salaries of each IT professional in India:

Job TitlesEstimated Annual Salaries
Junior Python Programmer/Junior Developer (Fresher)INR 4 lakh
Senior Python Programmer/Senior DeveloperINR 11 lakh
Web Developer (Fresher)INR 3 lakh
Application Developer (Fresher)INR 7.5 lakh
Data Analyst (Fresher)INR 4.2 lakh
Data ScientistINR 7 lakh
ML EngineerINR 6.7 lakh


Q.1. What is JD for Python Developers?

Ans: A Python Expert has to write codes, provide support to front-end developers, develop web and mobile applications, and test and debug web applications and computer software.

Q.2. Can I get a job after the 12th with Python?

Ans: Class 12 students need to enrol in a BSc/BE/BTech or Diploma in IT, Computer Science, AI, ML, and Electronics and Communication to gain employment as a Software Engineer, ML Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Web Developer in IT companies.

Q.3. What is the qualification for a Python Programmer?

Ans: The minimum qualification to become a Python Web Developer in India is BSc, BTech, or BE in Computer Science Information Technology or any related field.

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