Highest-Paying Myntra Careers India 2023

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Highest-Paying Myntra Careers India 2023

Myntra is an e-commerce company in fashion and lifestyle products. According to estimates after merging with another e-commerce giant – Flipkart, Myntra has captured almost 60% of the online market share in India. What makes Myntra Careers stand out is that apart from domestic brands, it gives customers access to international brands as well. Needless to say, a person working here can enjoy various opportunities and growth in their career. 

Let’s examine the whole guide related to Myntra careers so that you can be well-prepared and have a successful career there.

Company Name Myntra 
Job Location Bengaluru, Gurugram and Mumbai 
Qualification Any UG and PG degree relevant to the job position
Teams at MyntraStrategy, Marketing & Creative | Operations | Fashion | Technology | Corporate Services
Experience Level Freshers to Senior Level 
Industry Indian fashion e-commerce company
Founded 2007
HQBengaluru, Karnataka, India
CEO Nandita Sinha
Total Employees1000-5000 employees

What is it Like to Work at Myntra?

1. Flat office pace: Even the CEO sits in a  cubicle with other workers. There are no leadership bays or cabins; instead, people are scattered all over. Despite being easy to overlook, it sends a clear statement about the corporate culture. Both the Myntra website and the management and leadership team are accessible. 

 2. Young employees: Most of the employees at the office are under the age of 35. Things might soon change, given how quickly senior management is being hired, but for the moment it feels like a company emerging from its cave.

3. Fast-paced decisions:  Work at an accelerated speed to finish twice as much in half the time. For a company that expands by more than 15% every month, that is sort of anticipated. At Myntra decisions are implemented rather quickly. Keeping the “big-company syndrome” at bay is one of the key aspects of creating a culture.

4. Data is highly regarded while taking decisions: Data is used everywhere to take informed decisions. But as opposed to consulting, when it comes to the team’s lunch order being created on an excel sheet, the reliance on data is still much lower.

5. There aren’t enough managers: Despite its size, Myntra is still a young company still emerging from its young phase. With only a few crucial managers to lead and advance it, the majority of the positions are so operational. Hasty hiring is being done as a cure.

6. Interesting Workplaces: There are game rooms, breakaway spaces, and conference rooms with famous designers’ names on them with Myntra keeping up its idea of being all about exciting and interesting things.  

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How Can One Apply for Myntra Career?

Following are the steps that one needs to follow in order to apply for a job at Myntra:

1. Check to see whether the company has any openings. For this reason, you can take the help of job boards like Linkedin, Indeed, Naukri, Shine recruiters etc and also look at the careers page of Myntra.

2. Tailor your skill set to the requirement of the job description.

3. Prepare a CV and submit it to Myntra’s HR department if you are matched.

4. Send a letter reminder if HR does not schedule an interview.

5. Once the interview is planned, brush up on your skills to get ready.

6.  Arrive promptly for the interview in formals.

7. Email HR with a  thank you and a polite reminder.

8. If you performed well, they will contact you for a second interview.

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Selection Process at Myntra Careers

Every year Myntra runs a hiring process to choose new applicants. There are four rounds in the company’s selection procedure. 

  1. Written Exam
  2. Technical Interview 1 
  3. Technical Interview 2
  4. HR interview 

Can a Fresher Land a Job at Myntra? 

Freshers can get a job at Myntra if they perform well during the interview. Also, one of the best ways to get placed in Myntra or in any other company as a fresher is to have a referral. If as a fresher you have adequate qualifications and have done some internships before then there is a high chance of you getting a job offer.  

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Highest Paying Myntra Careers and Salaries

The table below represents some of the highest-paying Myntra careers and their salaries: 

Job Designations Salaries 
Deputy Director INR 33,59,000
Senior Officer INR 5,36,00
Data Analyst INR 11,67,000
Senior Software Engineer INR 30,53,000
Operations ExecutiveINR 2,87,000
Customer Care Executive INR 2,18,000


1. What is the starting salary in Myntra?

According to Indeed, the following are some basic pay for different job profiles:
Warehouse worker- INR 12,500 per month
Assistant accountant- INR 22,500 per month
Delivery Executive- INR 1,23,000 per year 
Operations Manager- INR 8,95,000 per year

2. What is the salary of SDE 1 in Myntra?

According to  Ambitionbox, the salary of SDE 1 at Myntra India ranges between INR 13 lakhs to INR 27 lakhs while the average annual salary is around INR 20.9 lakhs. These are the estimates on the basis of salary information provided by employees working at Myntra. 

3. Is Myntra a good place to work?

In 2021 Myntra was regarded as one of India’s best to company to work at with an overall rank of 95. The rank was given after assessing workplace culture thoroughly. 

4. What is the salary of SDE 2 in Myntra?

As per the estimates on Ambition Box, the salary of SDE 2 at Myntra ranges between 38 lakhs to 45 lakhs while the average annual salary is around 40.7 lakhs. 

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