Top IBM Careers for Freshers in India

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IBM has operations in more than 170 countries. It is improving businesses, the human condition as well as society. The company gives the credit to its employees for making this possible. They say “By encouraging IBMers to explore their curiosities, it gives us a new outlook on the world and its possibilities for emerging tech.” In case you want to pursue a career in computer and technology, IBM Careers may be the right place for you to apply. The company aspires to make an impact on the world in terms of business ethics, the social communities in which we work and live, as well as the environment. In case you wish to apply to this company, here are some important details that you must keep in mind!

About IBM

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), founded in 1911, is a multinational technology company that has its headquarters in Armonk, New York. With operations spanning several countries, IBM is seen as one of the world’s largest IT companies. 

This company is known for its software and hardware products, including servers, computers, storage systems as well as networking equipment. The company also provides technology consulting and business services. These include data analytics, cloud computing, and AI. Did you know that the research that is conducted at IBM has contributed to numerous technological innovations? This also includes the development of the first hard drive, the first programmable computer, as well as the first computer virus.

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Why Pursue an IBM Career?

If you want to apply for IBM careers you should know that the company boasts of a culture of openness, trust, and collaboration. Joining the team of IBMers will mean letting you make a meaningful change in the world. Values that IBM works on values like dedication to the success of every client, and creating innovation that makes a difference for the company and for the world. Moreover, the company also works on trust and personal responsibility in all its relationships.

The company has employees from all over the world, each with a quest for knowledge and each adding a voice to add to the company’s journey. So if you think that you want to pursue a career in IT, IBM career may be the right fit for you!

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Entry-Level IBM Careers for Freshers

IBM Career offers entry-level career apprenticeships that you can apply for. Read ahead and discover some key opportunities to initiate your career at IBM. Here are some opportunities that are currently open.

Consulting Associate

IBM Career has a consulting team that consists of strategy, business, and technology consultants. They help their clients envision and make their future in Hybrid Cloud and AI. In case you apply for this job, you will be able to work with many experienced professionals at IBM.

Entry Level Technology Seller

The salespersons at IBM are strategic advisors as well as technical experts who help drive and improve the client’s technology strategy in order to solve their most complex problems. They provide clients with business insight that helps them build and maintain client relationships. They are also able to incorporate software and hardware into client solutions and ensure that clients are ready for implementing technical solutions.

Extreme Blue: IBM’s Leadership Internship Program

IBM Careers also offer the applicants an internship program. Extreme Blue at IBM can provide you with the opportunity to unleash your business acumen and technical ingenuity. You will be able to learn from expertise from one of the world’s leading technology companies. 

The program is looking for talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and technical aptitudes. They want to establish leadership skills in employees who want to experience a unique career experience focusing on innovation, collaboration, and growth.

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Application Process

Here is the application process to apply for an IBM career. 

Step 1: Search for a role that interests you. After you do this, the first step will be to complete your application online. 

Step 2: After submitting your application, it will be screened by IBMers who are specialists in their respective fields and experts in screening resumes.

Step 3: You may also be asked to complete online assessments. This will vary depending on the role you have applied for. 

You may be asked to do assignments like, coding assessment (multiple choice questions or a coding interface to solve a few coding challenges), video assessment (interview questions where your responses will be captured by your webcam and microphone), English language assessment ( multiple-choice text-based assessment questions). 

Step 4: After you have completed the assessments you may be invited for an interview at the assessment center.

Step 5: The last stage will be the decision. The company will regularly keep you informed of any updates. You can also contact the company in case you want feedback after your interview!

IBM Careers Salary

IBM career is one of the most prestigious careers that you can opt for. So in case, you want to apply for the same, you shouldn’t think twice! The career also pays well, hence, you will not be unsatisfied with what you are doing. According to Glassdoor, a fresher’s salary at IBM can range from INR 4,29,372 to INR 4,66,276, which can be considered as a very good starting pay! 

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Is IBM hard to get a job at?

Getting a job at IBM may be hard. This is because the company has a rigorous hiring process. It has four interview rounds that may last for one hour each. 

Can I join IBM as a fresher?

The applicants who have completed a bachelor’s/master’s degree in any computer science or engineering field are eligible to apply for IBM careers. 

What is IBM’s fresher salary?

According to Glassdoor, a fresher’s salary at IBM can range from INR 4,29,372 to INR 4,66,276, which can be considered as a very good starting pay!

This was all you needed to know about IBM Careers. If you wish to learn about other career opportunities in India then visit our Careers in India page now!

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