Hardware Engineering: Top Courses, Career, Salary, Eligibility

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Hardware engineering involves designing and developing computer systems and their physical components. It also includes extensive testing, modification of initial designs, and maintenance tasks such as product updates. Hardware engineers are known by several names such as computer hardware engineer, computer engineer, and computer vision engineer. Hardware engineers also collaborate with software engineers and work full-time hours in office and laboratory settings.  Keep reading to know more about the hardware engineers’ salaries, hardware engineers’ jobs, hardware engineers’ skills, and hardware engineering colleges that you can apply to.

Why Study Hardware Engineering?

Students can study hardware engineering for the following reasons

  • Hardware engineers have a higher income potential than almost any other profession
  • It is best for students who prefer hands- on-work in designing and developing physical components.
  • The job is engaging and involves creative problem-solving skills

Top Colleges for Hardware Engineering 

Below are the best colleges for computer engineering in the world.

University Name QS Ranking 2023 Courses Average  Annual Fees 
MIT 1 Computation and cognition Computational and systems biologyComputational science and engineeringComputer science and molecular biology $57,590/ INR 47.57 lakh
Stanford University 3 Mechanical Engineering  $55,473 / INR 45.84 lakh
Tsinghua University 14 Computer Science and Technology RMB 30,000 per year/3.57 lakh
Princeton University =16 Electrical and computer engineering  USD 57,410/ 47.40 lakh
Carnegie Mellon University 52 Biomedical engineering INR 43.02 lakh
The University of California- Berkeley  27 Electrical engineering and computer science  INR 34 lakh per year
The University of Michigan 25 Computer science and engineering IR 48.52 lakh
California Institute of Technology =6 Electrical and computer engineering $83,598/INR 69.04 lakh
The University of Illinois at Urbana  85 Electrical and computer engineering $46,944/INR 38.76 lakh
Georgia Institute of Technology 88 Electrical and computer engineering $49,648/INR 41 lakh

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for getting an admission in hardware engineering courses.

  • To become a hardware engineer you need to apply for B.E and B.Tech in computer science or electrical engineering.
  • The eligibility for these courses is to clear the 12th examination in science. 
  • Students will also be required to clear the entrance examination such as JEE and CET.

Documents Required

  • For foreign universities, students are required to submit letters of recommendation and statements of purpose.
  • Along with this, they will also have to present the English eligibility proficiency score such as clearing the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE examination.
  • Apart from this, students will have to present the GRE entrance score as well for admission.

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Application Process

Below is the application process that can be followed by students to become hardware engineers.

  • Contact Leverage Edu experts to help you in finding the best suitable course for you using the AI course finder.
  • The counselors will help the student to start the application process with the respective university.
  • Important documents such as the SOP, LORs, and English proficiency score have to have complied
  • Finally, the student will be assisted to start the application process for the student visa, accommodation, scholarships, and student loans. 
  • Lastly, the student can wait for the offer letter which usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

Skill Requirements 

Hardware Engineering requires both soft skills and hard skills. Below are the skills required to become a hardware engineer.

Hard Skills  Soft Skills
Knowlege of operating systems such as Windows, Unix, etc Analytical thinking 
Computer-aided design Communication skills 
Computing languages such as C and C++ Critical thinking 
Circuit design  Creativity 
Problem-solving skills

Hardware Engineering Salary

Below are the hardware engineer salaries in India and other countries. Do note that the average salary for hardware engineering in India is INR 3.2 lakh per annum. 

Country Average salary per annum Salary in INR
USA $135,657 INR 1.12  cr
UK £39,965 INR 39.79 lakh
Australia  $85,000  INR 47.26 lakh
New Zealand  NZD 132,042 INR 67.14 lakh

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Hardware engineering scope in India are as follows. 

  • Hardware engineering has become a popular field. Hence, hardware engineers are required in areas such as disturbed vision, mobile computing, computer vision, mobile computing, robotics, and so on.
  • Hardware engineers get paid 33% more than the average salary in India. Employment is likely to reach  6% more in this sector by 2028. 
  • Those interested to become a lecturer can pursue a Master’s degree in this field. Moreover, a Bachelor’s degree can make students eligible to take the GATE exam. Candidates who clear this exam are usually hired by government organizations.

Hardware Engineering Top Recruiters

Below are the hardware engineering top recruiters in India.

S.No Top Recruiters 
1 Qualcomm
2 Intel Corporation
3 Robert Bosch
4 Honeywell
5 HCLTech
7 Wipro
8 Tata Consultancy Services
9 Valeo
10. Cisco systems

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Q 1. Does hardware engineer do coding?

Ans. Yes. Hardware engineers require coding experience.

Q2. Is hardware engineering a good career?

Ans. Yes. Hardware engineering is a good career as it is financially rewarding and challenging.

Q3. What is the maximum salary of hardware engineer?

Ans. The maximum salary of a hardware engineer is INR 15 lakh per annum.

Hardware engineering is a career that involves researching, designing, developing, and testing computer systems and its components. Hardware engineers are hired in computer hardware development industry in several public and private companies. Need help with study abroad admissions? Call us at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30-minute counseling session today.

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