Difference Between MS Finance and MS Financial Engineering

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Difference between MS Finance and MS Financial Engineering

Due to a lack of awareness, many people are not able to clearly differentiate between MS Finance and MS Financial Engineering. Studying MS Financial Engineering requires a student to have a little bit of technical background whereas if a student is planning to pursue MS Finance then he/she needs to have a background in Finance. MS Finance is taught by management schools which provide an overview of Financial subjects along with teaching important management-related subjects. MS Financial Engineering is taught as a joint program between the school of management and the school of engineering which helps students focus on the technical knowledge in the Finance area. 


What is MS Finance?

The postgraduate course – Master in Finance degree helps students in gaining a thorough knowledge of financial areas and also expertise in technical areas. 

Students pursuing a master’s in finance are probably already employed in the field, possibly as staff accountants or as a part of a corporation’s corporate finance team. Although MOF programmes are often shorter than regular master’s programmes, which last two years, one can finish his/her degree in one year if he/she attends certain schools that offer accelerated programs. 

Master in Finance is a program that offers both theoretical and practical knowledge to strengthen students’ expertise in tasks like Modelling. Along with students get to deepen their knowledge of Statistics, Ethics, Economics and Data among other subjects.

The entire course is based on the following modules – Foundations of Finance, Macroeconomics, Risk Management, Investment Analysis, Financial Modelling, Financial Reporting, Quantitative Methods and Financial Regulations. 

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What is MS Financial Engineering?

In MS Financial Engineering students are aided to navigate the worlds of financial securities, banking consultancy, and financial management. While pursuing an MS Financial Engineering degree students begin their academic journey with conventional quantitative and mathematical abilities. They are also given a thorough understanding of the shifting demands of the global economy. 

The course focuses on areas like – Asset management, Computation & programming, Computational Finance/Trading systems, Derivatives, Financial Economics, Financial Technology, and Machine Learning for Financial Engineering. 

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Difference between MS Finance and MS Financial Engineering

MS Finance MS Financial Engineering 
A Master of Finance is a degree that focuses on financial areas and helps students gain technical skillsA master’s degree in financial engineering would require you to have some sort of technical background, and it is assumed to lead to countless professional opportunities. 
When enrolling in an MS in finance programme, aspirants can choose the subject they want to specialise in. Students with an MS in finance who choose to specialise in computational finance, financial engineering, or another related field will undoubtedly stand out from other degree holders in the cutthroat global job market.MS Financial Engineering focuses on subjects like financial technology, machine learning, derivatives, asset management, computation and programming etc. 
MS Finance will assist people in developing a strong foundation in the concepts, principles, and practises necessary skills to handle challenging financial responsibilities. Students who successfully complete their degrees may choose to work in a variety of industries, such as asset management companies, banks, insurance companies etc. MS Financial Engineering work in the area of financial securities, bank consultancy and financial management. Students start their academic journey in this field with conventional quantitative and mathematical abilities. 

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Career Prospects

Pursuing MS Finance and MS Financial Engineering can open up many avenues after completing the degree. Take a look at the various career fields that you can opt for once you complete these degrees –

Careers in MS Finance

Popular courses that one can explore after getting a degree in MS Finance are – Financial Analyst, Insurance specialist, Portfolio management, Trader, Accountant, Capital markets analyst, Investment consultant, Stockbroker, Actuary, Corporate Investment banker, Personal financial advisor, financial manager, securities, commodities, financial services agent and many more.

Careers in MS Financial Engineering 

These are the career opportunities after MS Financial Engineering – Execution, Financial regulation, Corporate finance, Portfolio Management, Trading, Derivatives pricing, Risk management, structured products and many more. 


Is Finance and Financial Engineering the same? 

Finance engineers are responsible for making products to make it easy for finance professionals to serve clients. This means that although both professions have different roles and responsibilities they work hand-in-hand to grow the same industry. 

What is MS Financial Engineering?

Master in Financial Engineering includes various disciplines like Mathematical tools, Financial theory, Engineering methods, and Programming. The curriculum of this course is based on providing training in the application of quantitative methods and engineering methodologies in Finance. 

Which specialisation is best with Finance?

Specializations in the following subjects are considered to be the best – Cashflow performance, International Finance, Financial statement analysis, Personal finances and Investments. 

What is the scope of Financial Engineering? 

The financial engineer’s job profile entails working in areas like corporate finance departments, structured products, risk management, proprietary trading, portfolio management, derivatives and options pricing. They are known to work in banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and asset management firms. 

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