NIT Bhopal CSE Average Package: Students get 82 LPA Package at MNIT Bhopal

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NIT Bhopal CSE Average Package

The highest package offered at the MANIT Bhopal placements in 2023 was INR 82 LPA, while the average package offered was INR 15.6 LPA. Additionally, INR 10 LPA was the median package offered during the MANIT Bhopal placements in 2023.

Before this, MANIT Bhopal placements in 2022 saw the highest and average packages offered at INR 85.36 LPA and INR 9 LPA, respectively. Moreover, 39 PPOs were made available, and 1,012 students in all were chosen for Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology placements in 2022.

However, before reaching any conclusion, you may also need to explore more about the institute’s packages. Here in this article, you can get all the relevant details related to the package of MNIT Bhopal. Happy Reading.

NIT Bhopal CSE Average Package and Highest Package

Computer Science Engineering is one of the most demanded courses offered by NIT Bhopal. A decent package is the primary reason behind this.

We present a comparison of the placement records for MANIT Bhopal in 2022 and 2023.

Details Placement Statistics (2022) Placement Statistics (2023)
Average package INR 9 LPA (approx) INR 15.6 LPA
Highest package INR 85.36 LPA INR 82 LPA
Median package NA INR 10 LPA

NIT Bhopal Average Package – 3 Year Trend

The 2023 MANIT Bhopal placement season offered an average package of INR 15.6 LPA. Average packages over the past three years have seen a positive trend, as shown below:

Details 2021 2022 2023
Average Package INR 7 LPA (approx) INR 9 LPA (approx) INR 15.6 LPA

MANIT Bhopal Placement Comparison 2023: Top NITs

For MANIT Bhopal placement statistics 2023 in comparison to NIT Jalandhar and other top NIT placement statistics, see the table below:

NIT Average Package (2023) Highest Package (2023)
MANIT Bhopal INR 15.6 LPA INR 82 LPA
NIT Delhi INR 14.91 LPA INR 23.13 LPA
NIT Rourkela INR 13.89 LPA INR 83.60 LPA
NIT Jalandhar INR 12.44 LPA INR 51 LPA

MANIT Bhopal Top Recruiters 2023

The following table displays the top recruiters during MANIT Bhopal placements in 2022: 

Company Highest Package (2022)
Uber INR 61 LPA
Samsung Bangalore INR 40 LPA
Bloomberg London INR 85.36 LPA INR 37.62 LPA
DE Shaw INR 60 LPA
Atlassian INR 57.50 LPA
Directi INR 48 LPA
Intuit INR 33 LPA
Zenleads INR 31 LPA
Nvidia INR 24.80 LPA

NIT Average Package – Course Wise

Below you can find the course-wise average package that is offered during the Bhopal placements 2022. Data for the year 2023 is not yet shared by the officials.

Course Average Package (2022)
Overall UG (BTech / BArch / BPlan) INR 12.25 LPA
BArch INR 4.99 LPA
BPlan INR 8.22 LPA
Overall PG (MPlan / MSc / MTech / MBA / MCA) INR 8.74 LPA
MTech INR 8.46 LPA

NIT Average Package – Branch Wise

Below you can find the average package that is offered by different branches of BTech including CSE, placements 2022. Data for the year 2023 is not yet shared by the officials.

BTech Branch Average Package (2022)
Electrical INR 11.47 LPA
Mechanical INR 7.94 LPA
Material & Metallurgical INR 7.68 LPA
Chemical INR 7.26 LPA
Civil INR 6.74 LPA

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What is the average package of metallurgy in NIT Bhopal?

Material Science and Metallurgical Engineering, the average package was almost 8 LPA and the placement percentage of this course was also near 80%.

Are there good placements at NIT Bhopal?

Yes, there are good placement opportunities at NIT Bhopal. Students here get packages of multiple lakhs sometimes during their course period.

What are the top recruiters at NIT Bhopal?

There are various top recruiters at NIT Bhopal like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more.

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