A Complete Guide to Become Bio Scientist in India

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After the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 wave, the respect for Bio Scientists also increased a lot, and also the demand for a Bio Scientists has also skyrocketed. Every day, bioscientists around the world work tirelessly to improve human health and well-being. These professionals are responsible for discovering cures for diseases and developing new technologies that enhance our lives. In today’s blog, we are going to provide you with detailed insight on how to become a bioscientist in India, some benefits related to it, and much more so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this amazing blog.

What Does a Bio Scientist Do?

A bio-scientist conducts research, analyzes data, and develops new products or technologies in the areas of biology and related fields such as medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, etc. They use scientific methods to study various living organisms including microorganisms like bacteria and viruses along with animals and plants. They often work collaboratively with other professionals in their field to answer questions about how biological systems function at the cellular or molecular level.

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The Importance of BioScience in India

Bioscience has become an important sector in India’s economy over the past few decades. The country has become one of the leading producers of vaccines worldwide due to its expertise in biotechnology research. The Indian government has also invested heavily in bioscience research over the years through initiatives such as the National Biotechnology Development Strategy (NBDS) which aims at promoting R&D (Research and Development) activities for scientific innovation. Moreover, bioscience is expected to play a significant role in addressing some of India’s biggest challenges such as healthcare accessibility by creating affordable drugs and medical devices that cater specifically towards India’s population needs; food security by developing crops that can withstand drought or pests; environmental sustainability by finding ways to reduce pollution levels using biological methods.

How to Become a Bio Scientist in India?

It’s obvious that you simply can’t wake up one day and decide to become Bio Scientist, you will need to plan accordingly to build a successful career in this field, so here is a guide that you can follow:

Step 1- Complete Your 10+2 with Biology as a Major Subject

To pursue a career in bioscience, you need to have a strong foundation in biology and other science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics (PCM). You can choose any stream that offers biology as a major subject in your 10+2 and you also need to score well in your board exams to get admission to a reputed college.

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Step 2- Choose a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree 

You need to wisely choose your Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree in a relevant field of Biology according to your current educational qualification. Courses like BSc Biochemistry,  BSc Microbiology, MSc Biotechnology, and MSc Genetics will be an amazing choice.

Step 3- Gain Work Experience or Pursue a Doctoral Degree

After completing your master’s degree, you can either start working as a bioscientist or pursue a doctorate degree. Working as a bioscientist can help you gain practical experience and exposure to different aspects of bioscience and pursuing a doctoral degree can help you in conducting original research. 

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Benefits of Becoming a Bio Scientist in India

Here are the key benefits of becoming a Bio Scientist in India:

  • With the constant technological advancements, securing a degree in Bio Science will always be relevant and hence will help you future-proof your career
  • You can enjoy learning about exciting topics such as genetics, biotechnology, ecology, microbiology, and much more
  • Becoming a Bio Scientist can help you boost your career by providing high-earning opportunities 
  • You will have job security by working in such high-demand sectors
  • You can also have flexible work hours in you are planning on doing original research
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Eligibility Criteria

Here are the basic eligibility criteria which you need to full to pursue higher studies in Bio Science or a relevant field to successfully become a Bio Scientist in India:

  • You must have a 10+2 Passing certificate with a Science stream
  • You should have a minimum aggregated score of 50% from a recognized board
  • Biology should be a mandatory subject
  • You also need to appear for entrance exams like BHU UET, PUBDET, etc.

Top 5 Courses to Become Bio Scientist in India

Here are the top 5 courses which you can pursue to become a Bio Scientist:

Top 5 Colleges in India to Study BioScience

Here are the top 5 Colleges in India offering specialized courses in BioScience:

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
  • National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)
  • University of Delhi

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Future Scope

The job market for bioscientists in India is highly competitive but also offers many opportunities. According to recent reports, the biotechnology industry in India is expected to grow by 6% in the coming years. Additionally, becoming a Bio Scientist can be a rewarding experience as this is considered of the most prestigious and noble jobs and even if you choose to research it will be beneficial for society and even for the coming generations.


Which Sectors can I work in after becoming a Bio Scientist?

You can work in various sectors after becoming a Bio Scientist in India such as:
Research institutes
Pharmaceutical companies
Biotechnology companies
Agricultural companies
Environmental agencies
Forensic labs
Educational institutions

What are the main topics in Bio Science?

There are various topics and specializations in the field of bio science but mainly you will gain knowledge about Genetics, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, and Bioinformatics.

What is the average salary of a Bio Scientist in India?

Let’s answer this with an example and this will give you a fair idea. If you complete your studies in BSc in Zoology then you start working and get paid approximately INR  3 to 4 Lakh per annum without prior experience required.

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