How to Become a Food Inspector in India?

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Food inspection is a rewarding occupation with excellent earning potential and job opportunities. A career as a food inspector provides work security as well as the opportunity to exercise your social responsibility and devotion to a bigger cause. Learning more about this career option might help you determine whether or not you want to follow it. In this post, we’ll look at how to become a food inspector, what responsibilities they have, and what skills they’ll need to succeed.

Who is a Food Inspector?

A food inspector is an official who examines the safety and quality of food items, the ingredients used in their creation, as well as the hygiene of the equipment used and the location where these goods are manufactured. The food business is one of those industries that will never experience a downturn. People will never quit eating. It is the foundation of life. As a result, numerous businesses have begun to focus on food production, manufacturing, and delivery. A food inspector is in charge of validating health codes in manufacturing that produce various consumables, ranging from restaurants to food production factories.

Food inspectors are authorised to inspect any food establishment. They ensure that businesses follow food safety practices and obey government requirements. If an organisation violates food safety rules, the inspector is required to notify a governing authority or the general public about potential safety issues. They may also provide authorised advice to violators and assist them in correcting their errors.

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Pros and Cons of Becoming a Food Inspector

Like every other job, becoming a food inspector also have its advantages and disadvantages. Check them out below:


  • Considering that a food inspector is hired at the administrative level, it is a well-respected profession. Also, the salary is good given the responsibilities of the job.
  • A food officer also receives various privileges with the job that aid them in making important choices.
  • As the person in charge of maintaining public health and hygiene, the food inspector has a respectable job.
  • They have the right to enact laws that will benefit both the population and the food sector.
  • It is a position that enables you to serve society automatically.
  • He can make sure that all manufacturers and food producers are adhering to the rules established by the government because of his supervision responsibilities.


  • The post of food inspector is not open to anyone without training in science or math.
  • The Central Public Service Commission’s and the State Public Service Commission’s exams are rigorous.
  • The food inspector occasionally has to act quickly, which is a huge duty.

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How to Become a Food Inspector? (Step-by-Step Guide)

To become a food inspector in India, you must complete the following steps:

Finish your Higher Secondary studies

The first step towards becoming a food inspector is completing your upper secondary education by passing a recognised board exam. A minimum of 50% aggregate marks in areas such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics may be required to pursue science-related studies at a reputable college.

Prepare for and pass the entrance exam

Depending on the college you wish to attend, you may be required to study for and pass an entrance examination. Exams that you can give include:

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

You must have an undergraduate science or technology degree with chemistry as a key subject. Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees in agriculture, agronomy, food science, plant science, or dairy science are popular choices. Consider obtaining a BTech (Bachelor of Technology) degree in farm engineering, dairy technology, food technology, or biotechnology.

Clear the Food Inspector Test and Interview

After getting a bachelor’s degree, you must select whether you want to work for the government or private organisations. If you want to work as a food inspector for the government, you must take and pass the UPSC’s All India Food Inspector Exam.

There is also a personal interview round in the All India Food Inspector Exam. After passing the written exam, you must attend the interview, where you must answer questions about food inspection. The purpose of the interview round is to examine your confidence and attitude.

Try Getting a Master’s Degree

Although not required, a master’s degree in food technology or a similar area can help you advance in your career. MSc (Master of Science) degrees in agriculture, horticulture, chemistry, soil science, plant science, food science, life science, or dairy science are among the most popular postgraduate science degrees. MTech (Master of Technology) degrees in farm engineering, biotechnology, food technology, or dairy technology are additional options.

Gain Relevant Experience

A food inspector is assigned to various positions. More job experience can lead to managerial or director-level roles and a higher pay range.

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Skills Required

If you wish to be a food inspector, you should consider obtaining the following skills:

Soft Skills

You should consider cultivating the following soft skills:

Physical Fitness

Physical demands for this position include the following:

  • Exceptional eyesight
  • A strong sense of taste
  • A resilient stomach and decent immunity
  • Stamina
  • Psychological fitness

Technical Skills

You should consider having the following technical skills

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Role and Responsibilities

A food inspector’s duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Food quality control at restaurants, hotels, and food processing plants
  • Examining food products to ensure correct labelling
  • Checking to see if food safety protocols are being followed thoroughly and ensuring that food companies are adhering to all food processing and storage requirements
  • Evaluating sanitation and cleanliness in food-related establishments
  • Visiting poultry, livestock, and dairy farms to guarantee that the animals are disease-free.
  • Assisting a company’s growth by ensuring that it follows national or international health and safety regulations.

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Salary Structure

Your income with a career in food inspection mostly depends on your level of experience and the size of your business. A food inspector makes an average base income of 2,50,900 per year. A food and beverage manager’s yearly basic wage in private companies like hotels is 2,99,802. 

The different roles for which a food inspector can be hired, along with the average salary are given in the table below. Check them out:

Job RolesAverage Annual Salary
Food Inspector2.4 to 6 Lakhs
Food Scientist4 to 20 lakhs 
Food Technologist3 to 7 Lakhs
FDA inspector3 to 5 Lakhs

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Job Prospects

The demand for food inspectors has increased along with the growing concern for food safety on a global scale. Food inspectors are employed by the government and are sought out by both state and federal organisations. Private organisations could potentially offer fantastic prospects in this field of business. Both government-run and privately-owned food processing facilities are intended to be inspected by food inspectors. To keep up with the expansion of the sector, there is a proportionate rise in the demand for food inspectors.

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Key Takeaway

Anyone interested in applying for the position of food inspector must be mentally prepared to work under challenging circumstances. Another prerequisite for being a food inspector is physical fitness. That is a respectable job that pays well. You must be energetic enough to spend nearly 70% of your time working outside the office, while office work only accounts for 25–30% of your time. For individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge and expertise, this is one of the best employment alternatives.

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What is the study for food inspectors?

An undergraduate degree in science or technology with chemistry as a core topic is required to be qualified to work as a food inspector. The BSc (Bachelor of Science) in agriculture, agronomy, food science, plant science, or dairy science are popular science degrees to study.

What is the highest salary of a food inspector?

The average yearly income for a food inspector in India is 3.2 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.5 Lakhs to 13.0 Lakhs.

Is the food inspector exam easy?

A competitive test is the food inspector. Whether on a state or national level, it won’t be simple to solve. Several candidates applied for the open position at the same time.

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