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video interview
video interview

With the advent of technology, a Video Interview has gained much popularity among employers, due to the time and cost-effectiveness they carry. Hence, before starting a job-search, it becomes really important for the candidates to be prepared for one of those.


There are two types of

video interviews.

The first one is a typical face-to-face live interaction with the interviewer via Skype/Hangout/Facetime. Second is the automated one, where the candidates are required to respond to some pre-prepared questions. The responses are recorded and later reviewed.


To ace a video interview, one requires certain skills beyond the ordinary. In this article, we have compiled a list of the things you must keep in mind while preparing for a video interview to create the best possible chance for yourself.


  • Check the prerequisites

Make sure that everything you need for the interview is in place. This includes your computer/laptop, battery, webcam, microphone, and internet connection. Try to get everything ready at least 15 minutes before the time your interview is scheduled. Also, keep a copy of your CV with you, just in case to use it for reference.


    1. Avoid any possible distraction

      Tell everyone around you about the interview beforehand, so that they maintain peace while you’re engaged. It’s a good idea to turn your phone off or put it on silent mode in order not to get your mind diverted by the notifications.


  • Prepare a good setup

It is favourable to have a white background while sitting for a video interview. But even if you don’t have one at your place, make sure that the visible area is clear and does not have any unwanted substances around. Also, avoid sitting with your back facing a bright window as it may place your face in shadow.


    1. Double check your appearance

      Yes, it’s a video interview and you’re not meeting anyone in real. But that doesn’t at all mean you can dress whichever way you want. Dress as formally as you would in an in-office interview, as it is likely to get you positive points. Avoid wearing colorful clothes as they look out-of-place on a webcam. Also, make sure your hair is done well, and check your overall appearance in the webcam beforehand.


  • Fancy usernames not required.

If you have usernames such as coolankit72 or cuteanuradha44, you ought to make a new account with a sensible username, be it just for the sake of that interview. You wouldn’t want to be judged negatively by the interviewer even before the interview starts.


    1. Present yourself carefully

      While you’re amidst a video interview, the interviewer usually doesn’t have much peripheral information about you. So how you present yourself in front of the webcam becomes really important. Give extra attention to your sitting posture, hand movements, and facial expressions. Just act as normal as you can.


  • Give extra attention to your Speech

As video conferences usually have a time lag attached to them, make sure you are giving the interviewer sufficient time to ask you questions, without interrupting him/her. Also, try to speak as clearly and concisely as you can.


Keep these pointers in mind before and while appearing for a video interview. You may find yourself landed up at your desired spot.

– Team Leverage

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