Study Abroad: University of Michigan students get admission to a new STEM fellowship

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For the Quad Fellowship’s first cohort, four University of Michigan students and graduates have been chosen.

A programme called the Quad Fellowship, which aims to foster multidisciplinary scientific and technical innovation while fostering connections and empowering the following generation of STEM leaders, has chosen four University of Michigan students and alumni for its inaugural cohort.

Study abroad aspirants from the Quad nations—Australia, India, Japan, and the United States—will receive a one-time award of $50,000 that can be used for tuition, books, lodging and board, fees, research, and other associated academic costs. In addition to financial rewards, they will receive mentorship, cross-cultural exchange, and group trips.

Fellows will take part in frequent online and in-person workshops on a variety of topics, such as the connection of STEM and society, ethics and innovation, and new technologies, starting in August and continuing until the end of the academic year.

A variety of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians make up this cohort of Quad Fellows. All study abroad aspirants are studying 16 different subjects, including computer science, engineering, mathematics, biology, and oceanography.

For the mentoring and professional development of the programme, as well as for creating cross-cultural and information exchange networks with the other fellows, the Quad Fellows regard this as an exciting opportunity. They believe that this cohort will be a fantastic source of motivation as well. 

Some of the Quad fellows stated that their application was motivated primarily by the mission to use science to enhance societal benefit and to foster international and interdisciplinary science collaboration between the four countries. This fellowship provides quad fellows with the chance to learn about the international research landscape, STEM-related foreign policy, and effective science communication to politicians and the general public in all four quad nations.

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