Dublin among 5 top cities for International aspirants

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Dublin among 5 top cities for International aspirants
A new study by a language learning marketplace has ranked the Irish capital as the fourth best European city for international students.

The new study placed Dublin and its universities high on the list of the best cities to study abroad, with the Irish capital ranking as the fourth-best city to study in Europe.

The city was given a fair safety score of 48.3/100, and a happiness score of 7.

Students wanting to study abroad always take into consideration the cost of living in the place they want to study. Dublin had a very affordable cost of living and has gotten a score of 70.38. The reason for this is mainly the lower rental prices, as well as because the city has the fourth lowest average cost for groceries.

Dublin’s score for the cost of living is slightly higher than in places like Brussels and Berlin. At the same time cities like Zurich, Amsterdam and Oslo have a significantly lower cost of living than Ireland’s capital.

Apart from this, Paris was placed as the number one city for international students in Europe, with five among the top 70 universities residing in the French capital.

According to the report, some of the most significant benefits of living in Paris are the low cost of living as well as low rental prices: the fifth cheapest of every city in the ranking.

Berlin and Barcelona follow Paris on the list, while Stockholm comes fifth among the top five cities for international students.

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