University of Birmingham to develop data science and AI courses in partnership with TESCO Business Company

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University of Birmingham to develop data science and AI courses in partnership with TESCO Business Company (1)

The University of Birmingham plans to create Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programmes as a part of its partnership with TESCO Business Services. The agreement will also open avenues for job opportunities at TESCO’s Data Science laboratories in India.

Birmingham has also agreed to explore new opportunities in law in partnership with Vellore Institute of Technology, and Bennett University.

It’s not on TESCO and VIT, the university has also signed agreements with several key partners in India. The agreements are a part of the university’s plan to build ‘meaningful educational and research partnerships in India.’

Professor Adam Tickell, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, attended special signing ceremonies in Delhi and Bangalore to sign these MoUs. Professor Tickell sees signing these agreements as an ‘opportunity to further contribute to Indian society.’

He said “We are a global civic university and a long, illustrious relationship with India. Signing these exciting new agreements with partners in areas such as railways, sports science, education and community business gives us a great opportunity to further contribute to Indian society, as we continue to forge meaningful research and education partnerships in India.”

Among the companies that signed MoUs with the university are:

  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Manipal University
  • Bennett University
  • TESCO Business Services
  • Hindustan Petroleum Company Ltd. (HPCL)
  • K-RIDE
  • Aarvee Associates
  • Efftronics
  • Indo British Scholars’ Association
The University of Birmigham and K-RIDE Signing the MoU
The University of Birmingham and K-RIDE Signing the MoU; Image Source:

Weighing in on these agreements, the British High Commissioner to India – Alex Ellis expressed his delight at the University of Birmingham strengthening its presence in India across various sectors. He added that the new agreements will benefit both of the countries.

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