This Day in History – April 29

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History repeats itself! We are sure you must have heard of this phrase zillion times, but does it really happen? Do the events that once took place in the past happen again in the present? Well, it’s a little hard to predict that! But why don’t we check what exactly happened on this day in history- April 29 around the world and cross-check this phrase? So, let’s get started! 

April 29 – This Day in Indian History

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1639: By laying the first stone of the foundation, Shah Jahan began the construction of one of the most popular monuments in India Red Fort. 

1848: The famous profound painter and Indian artist Raja Ravi Verma was born in Kilimanoor, Kerala on 29 April 1848.

1882: The popular leader of the Muslim League, Raja Ali Sayyed was born.

1939: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, came down from his position in Congress and resigned. He later formed his own party named the Forward Block.

1947: Abolition of ‘Untouchability’

1948: Natraj Kamakshi, the modern social reformer and a renowned journalist passed away on April 29 1948. 

1954: India accepted Tibet as a constituent of China.

1998: India and Myanmar came to an agreement regarding maintaining high-end border security in order to combat the evil of human trafficking and narcotics. It also led to the implementation of a mutually advantageous cross border project. 

What Happened Across the World on April 29?

Credits – Vision Productions NZ

1864: Batte of Gate Pa
On 29 April 1864, the famous Battle of Pa took place during which experienced their worst defeat in the New Zealand Wars against the Maori warriors of Tauranga.

1916: End of Easters Rising 
The Irish republicans demolished and abandoned the popular post office building in Dublin, hence, surrendering unconditionally which marked the end of Easter Rising.

1945: US Liberation 
On 29 April 1945, the US Army liberated 31,601 people from the Dachau Nazi concentration camp in Germany. 

1975: Vietnam War
In response to the enhancing North Vietnamese forces, the US started evacuating its citizens via the Saigon Operation Frequent Wind ending all its involvements in war. 

1990: Cyclone in Bangladesh
The Chittagong district of Bangladesh was hit had by a sudden cyclone that ultimately led to the death of 1,39,000 people and made around 1 million people homeless.

1990: Destruction of Berlin Wall
The destruction of the Berlin Wall began.

1993: England Buckingham Palace 
For the cause to collect money in order to repair the damaged Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace opened its doors in 1993. The palace was open for common people only in the months of August and September, during which the queen was residing in her Scottish Palace, Balmoral. The cost of the entry ticket was $8.

Important Birthdays

Listed below are some of the popular birthdays that fall on 29 April- 

  • 1818: Alexander II
    The famous Tsar of Russia from 1855-1881, Alexandar II was born on this date in the Moscow Kremlin, Russia. 
  • 1899: Duke Ellington 
  • The famous American bandleader, pianist and composer; Duke Ellington was born in Washington DC. Some of his popular songs are Take the A Train”; “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) 
  • 1932: King Hu
    The renowned Chines film director and actor, King Hu was born in Beijing; the Republic of China. 
  • 1965: Deepika Chikhalia
    A popular Indian actress who rose to fame through her debut performance as goddess Sita in a TV series named Ramayan was born on 29 April.
  • 1979: Ashish Nehra
    Another renowned Indian celebrity, Ashish Nehra who has played in National Cricket Team in all the formats was born on the same date in 1979. 
  • 1993: Siddhant Chaturvedi
    Coming into the limelight after the release of Gully Boy, Siddhant Chaturvedi is another dazzling heartthrob of the nation.

Thus, we hope that through this blog you are now familiar with what important took place on 29th April across the world. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu as we keep on sharing such interesting pieces on world and Indian history. 

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