5 Reasons to go for an IESE Business School MBA

5 Reasons to go for an IESE Business School MBA- Leverage Edu
5 Reasons to go for an IESE Business School MBA- Leverage Edu

Founded in 1958, IESE Business School is centered in Barcelona but have locations in Madrid, Sao Pulao, Munich and New York also. One of the most globally diversified business schools, an IESE class houses students from all across the globe. Furthermore, students from 65 nationalities are taught by faculty members of 30+ nationalities. The school also has an entrepreneurship based program, FINAVES, which helps in bringing student-based startups to life. Continue reading to know the arguments in favour of going for an IESE business school MBA.

Reasons to go for an IESE Business School MBA
  1. Academically Rigorous Program 
  • An MBA at IESE is probably the most academically rigorous, 19-month study program, amongst all the MBA courses across the globe.
  • It aims at developing a great business analytical mindset. Also, along with, the college focuses upon increasing the efficiency of the students by improving their ability to work effectively in any given situation.
  1. The FINAVES Program
  •  IESE Business School started with a program in 2000, Finaves. This platform was started to support student entrepreneurs and promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Moreover, Finaves brought together IESE alumni, entrepreneurs and investors at one stage to foster new ventures.
  • And FINAVES has created 2400 jobs by 40 ventures in the span of 10 years.
  1. An Exceptional Networking Experience 
  • IESE is one of the oldest school in Europe.Also, today, it is one of the most culturally rich institution with students from 65 nationalities and faculty members from 35 different nations.
  • About one-third of the class is from outside Spain. Therefore, an IESE MBA is a comprehensive networking experience.
  1. Return on Investment
  •  The college immensely invests in each student’s professional growth. Consequently, they ensure that all the students make great careers and emerge as business leaders one day.
  • About 60 leading companies attended IESE’s Annual Career Fair and about 300 companies recruit from their campus every year.
  • Furthermore, the median base salary of The Class of 2016 was 105,000 Euro.


  1. A Verdant Campus 
  • IESE Business School has a beautiful campus with breathtaking views of Barcelona skyline.
  • Located in the heart of the city and with multiple campuses in some of the most developed cities, IESE provide unparalleled opportunities for recreation, networking and business. 


Over the years, IESE has emerged as a top-tier B-school which truly invests in the students personal and professional growth. They have a very rigorous 19-month program, but it empowers its students to accomplish great things in life.

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