Celebrities Fighting for Education Around the World

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Celebrities Fighting for Education Around the World

Being a celebrity has many perks like a lavish lifestyle, huge paychecks and countless fans but fame also provides celebrities with the power of making a positive difference to the world. There are many celebrities who have used this platform as an opportunity to support worthwhile causes like education and poverty. Through this blog, we bring you the top celebrities fighting for education around the world as well as their contributions to the international education systems. 


Courtesy: Shakira / Twitter

‘A school opens and the world changes’ – Shakira

The Grammy Award-winning singer Shakira has been a long-time campaigner of educational causes. When she was 18 years old, she established the Pies Descalzos, a non-profit organisation which was named after her third studio album. Pies Descalzos also translates to “bare feet” which recognizes and supports the underprivileged children living in extreme poverty that they can’t even afford footwear. Her organisation improves teaching processes and helps children in her native country, Columbia. Amongst the most popular celebrities fighting for education around the world, she has also opened eight schools in the South American Country which provides quality education to all the children. 

In 2015, she delivered #UpForSchool petition in the United Nations which was one of the world’s biggest petition on education with more than 10 million signatures. She is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador advocating her efforts on a wide level by doing field visits to various countries like India, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh. The world needs more people like her who fight for the betterment of education! 

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