What Can You Do With an MMS Degree?

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MMS Degree

Masters of Management Studies (MMS) is a postgraduate level course which ranges from 10 months to 2 years in duration. The program aims to impart the students with diverse Management subjects such as Business Ethics, Operations Research, Organizational Behaviour and Financial Accounting. Other than the MMS course, there are specialized programs available in the field of Management such as Master in International Management, Master in Business and Economics, MSc International Business, MSc in General Management, amongst others that one can choose from. This blog aims to elucidate on what an MMS degree is, its essential features as well as the career scope it entails.

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Curriculum of MMS Degree

Pursuing an MMS degree, the course structure comprises of several specializations out of which the students have to choose the ones they are most interested in. However, regardless of the specialization they opt for, there are some fundamental concepts that they will be perusing during the program. These subjects are listed in the table below.

Organizational Behaviour Business Ethics Business Research Methods  
Marketing Management Human Resource Management Business Statistics Financial MAnagement 
Legal & Tax Aspects of Business Perspective Management Operations Research Corporate Social Responsibility 
Business Environment  Negotiation and Selling Skills Entrepreneurship Management Intellectual Capital and Patenting 
Cost and Management Accounting Cost & Management Accounting  IT Skills for Management and Technology Managerial Economics  
E-commerceCorporate Social Responsibility  Analysis of Financial Management Information Technology for Management 

Job Sectors

Once you secure an MMS degree, you can choose from a plethora of industries to establish your career in. Usually, MMS graduates enter managerial profiles at senior management levels but if you are planning to pursue a particular sector like Finance, Banking or Marketing, the career profiles might vary. Some of the major job sectors available for those who have completed their Master of Management Studies degree are mentioned below:

  • Banks 
  • Brand & Marketing 
  • Financial Organizations 
  • Export Companies 
  • Multinational Companies
  • Non-Profit Organizations 

Career Profiles after MMS Degree

Now that you know the different sectors you can explore at the conclusion of your MMS degree, let’s take a look at the varied career profiles available in this field:

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Brand Manager

The role of a brand manager is to formulate the strategical apparatus for popularizing a product or service and reaching its target audience effectively. For a brand, they have to maintain and list down its guidelines, style, vision value along with deciding its parameters. Pursuing this role after attaining an MMS degree, you will be expected to execute all the actions related to offline and online marketing. You will be managing the launch of new products, their pricing along with generating new business opportunities to increase revenue for the company.  

Equity Research Analyst

The career profile of an Equity Research Analyst is a suitable one for interested in exploring the arena of Finance after an MMS degree. Taking the role of an Equity Research Analyst, you will be carrying out financial analysis along with conducting researches and creating periodical reports regarding the financial matters of the organization. Moreover, you would also be expected to generate new investment ideas for the company along with thoroughly evaluating the risk and the investment opportunities. 

IT Services Marketing Head

The responsibilities of an IT Services Marketing Head is to develop the strategies involving the communications and advertising required for a company. Further, you will be handling the marketing department for which you would also have to formulate the annual budgets. Along with this, you would be monitoring the reports of the content and social media teams, design the branding and managing the pricing techniques of the firm. Through an MMS degree, you will be trained to analyse the behaviours of the consumers and gather new possibilities to expand the market share of the organization. 

Account Manager

The major responsibilities of an Account Manager are to speculate the budgets, tackle the cost factors with clients, keep a record of the generated revenue and the expenses of the firm. You will be working with the sales and marketing teams formulating the marketing strategies while keeping in mind the expenses and revenue of the company. Moreover, an Account Manager is a key link between an organisation and its clients. An MMS degree will equip you with the knowledge of evaluating the different needs of clients as well as efficiently strategising and attaining short-term and long-term goals for earning revenue for the company. 

Management Consultant/Analyst

After acquiring the MMS degree, candidates wanting to explore managerial profiles often apply for the positions of Management Consultants and Analysts in industrial firms. The general duties of a Management Analyst require proficiency and greater utilization of the team efforts to effectively execute the operations of the company. Your main role would be to assess the different departments of an organization and gather information about the problems occurring, finding the probable solutions and executing them. On the other hand, you would be required to manage the human resources and inventory controls of the company as well.

Despite these major job profiles, here are some other prominently chosen career paths available to MMS degree graduates:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • HR Generalist Business Partner 
  • Card Payments Operation Head

We hope that this blog has helped you understand the immense scope of an MMS degree. Since Management is consistently emerging as the most sought-after field in the contemporary world, there are varying degree and diploma programs available in this domain that aspirants can choose from. Take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI tool to browse through Management programs as it finds you suitable combination of courses and universities that aligns with your interests and preferences and assist you in making an informed decision towards a rewarding career.

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