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Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Whilst choosing to pursue a career in a particular field, you will have to consider a variety of factors like the best course and university, qualifications, careers, amongst others. Out of all, due importance is given to the jobs you can explore in a certain career. Microbiology is amongst the popular branches of biology and can be simply explained as the study of microscopic organisms. If you have recently completed a course in Microbiology, you must be wondering about the jobs available in Microbiology as well as the salary prospects and employment areas. Read this blog to find the list of top Microbiology jobs, government jobs in Microbiology as well as salary prospects.

Degree LevelBachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and post-doctorate degrees
Degree Field(s)Medical microbiology or medical laboratory sciences
Key SkillsScientific, communication, business, and management skills
Job Outlook (2018-2028)11% growth (for medical and clinical laboratory technologists)
5% growth (microbiologists)
12% growth (for postsecondary biological science teachers)
Mean Annual Salary (2018)$53,880 (for medical and clinical laboratory technologists)
$81,150 (for microbiologists)
$97,340 (for postsecondary biological science teachers)

Career in Microbiology

As this field involves a detailed study of microorganisms, the most prominent Microbiology jobs can be found in the research and development sector. You can explore a plethora of government jobs in Microbiology as well as private sector opportunities for building a successful career in Microbiology. Mainly, the technical jobs in Microbiology can be pursued by seeking higher-level degrees like MS or MSc Microbiology but you can also target some of the entry-level jobs after completing UG courses in the field like BSc Microbiology. With the widespread applications of Microbiology, the employment areas in which graduates can seek job opportunities are increasing day by day. Here are some of the sectors offering lucrative and promising Microbiology jobs:

  • Research 
  • Biosafety 
  • Diagnostics
  • Education
  • Environmental Studies 
  • Food Microbiology 
  • Health and Hygiene 

Top Microbiology Jobs

Microbiology is a vast field that offers various diverse career opportunities to its students. When you enter the professional world after acquiring a degree in Microbiology a number of opportunities would be lined up for you. To give you a gist of it here is a list of top Microbiology jobs for aspirants:

  • Biotechnologist
  • Clinical Scientist
  • Immunologist
  • Mycologist
  • Parasitologist 
  • Food Scientist and Technologist
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Scientist and Technologist
  • Pharmaceutical Technologist and Scientist 
  • Food Scientist
  • Microbiology Sales Executive
  • Science Writer

Let’s elaborate more upon the major Microbiology jobs in further detail:


Biotechnologists create user-friendly microbes by combining various genetic characters. The role requires one to perform an intense study of genetics so that the microbes created can be applied in various sectors like agriculture, environment, pharmaceutics, etc. On the other hand, if you pursue this job in the medical field,  you will be expected to develop medicines using techniques that can incorporate the use of microbes. 

Clinical Scientist 

A Clinical scientist, also known as a medical technologist, is one of the most prestigious microbiology jobs. The responsibilities of a medical technologist mainly revolve around identifying the various specimens of humans as well as animals like blood, spinal fluids and urine to identify the cause of a particular infection and then devising which particular antibody would help them fight it. If you take up a job as a clinical scientist, you will also be expected to analyse the blood cells by counting the identical cells; preparing transfusion of platelets, plasma or blood and conducting the compatibility test of blood groups. 


Immunologists conduct research in feels like genetics biodefense biofilms immunologic mechanism to out gauge out how a body fights back with a particular disease. One of the popular Microbiology jobs, Immunologists also intricately study vaccines and various developments in the fields. By interpreting the data from their research on various viral diseases, immunologists design antibodies that help people combat these diseases. 


We might not be able to see them with naked eyes but there are plenty of parasitic poisonous or edible microorganisms around us. The main job is to examine those microorganisms and discover whether they can be used as antibodies to fight against a specific disease or not. Another key mention in our list of Microbiology jobs, mycologists also carry out a thorough examination and distinction to design the micro logistics devices and products which can be used in various industries like agriculture and healthcare. Along with this, they also work on propagating the growth of microorganisms which turn out to be useful for such purposes. 


One of the most popular Microbiology jobs for an aspirant, microbiologists study microscopic creatures, microbes, and their life processes. This is a high-paying research profession in which you will work on the biology of microbes at both the molecular and cellular level, making it one of the most sought-after career paths in Microbiology. Agriculture, biotechnology, the environment, education, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals will all want your services.


Isn’t teaching the most obvious career option? Simply because it’s your professors who taught you all that you know about Microbiology today. As you already know their role involves teaching students various subjects relating to Microbiology depending on their specializations. If you were impressed by the way your teachers taught you and wanted to do something similar or even if you wished to change the way they taught. This might be the right career option for you. 

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Water Quality Laboratory Technician

We all know that impure water could be really harmful to one’s body. So, these professionals work in water treatment plants and laboratories figuring out if the water which is being distributed to the masses is fit for drinking or not. If not, they come up with scientific methods by which to purify that water and prevent the spreading of water-borne diseases. 

Food Technologist/Scientist

Food technologists, as the name implies, guarantee that items on the market meet quality standards. In this Microbiology job, you’ll need to investigate the manufacturing processes in order to determine what’s wrong with the recipes. Yes, you can add your own newly discovered substances to the cuisine to boost its nutritional value. So, in essence, you will have the ability to manipulate a food’s nutritional values.

Medical Technologist

A medical technologist is a health professional who tests various bodily fluids of the patients in order to find problems and their corresponding treatments. They have the responsibility of conducting laboratory tests and experiments to diagnose the patient’s medical condition. They also have the responsibility of maintaining and operating all the lab equipment. 

Cosmetic Scientist

A cosmetic scientist is not only involved in the creation of skincare and haircare products but also scientifically testing if they have any harmful side effects on its users. Have you ever wondered who makes those shampoos and perfumes that you all love a lot? Yes, it’s the cosmetic scientists who develop all those products for you. And if you are interested in making such products then this might be the right career option for you. 

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Clinical Research Scientist

Another one of the most demanding Microbiology jobs is that of a clinical research associate. A clinical research scientist’s job is to run clinical studies to investigate the nature, benefits, and drawbacks of medications. A CRA determines whether or not specific pharmaceuticals are allowed on the market. You can work for a contract research organisation or a pharmaceutical business to test new and existing drugs. They will include you in all stages of the tests that are currently being conducted. You’ll have to keep track of drug effects and precautions by testing them on a healthy person, a patient, or even an animal.


One of the highest-paid Microbiology jobs, a pharmacologist is an expert in the effects of medications and other forms of drugs on humans and animals. They undertake studies to aid in the development and discovery of novel pharmaceuticals that will benefit people. They have the same rights as a Clinical Research Associate when it comes to doing research on animal tissues. They test on animals first to ensure that no humans are harmed throughout the study.

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Microbiology Jobs in Government Sector

The Indian government also avails varied promising microbiology jobs equipped with promising salary packages and several perks. Various reputed jobs are available in government departments and institutions under group C and group B. Just like other government profiles,  this one also requires candidates to qualify for a written examination and then a personal interview. Here are the jobs for Microbiology in the Government sector in India:

  • Research Assistant
  • Field Assistant
  • Microbiologist 
  • Junior Microbiologist 
  • Demonstrator for Microbiology 

Microbiology Jobs Salary 

Here is the estimated average salary of all the above-explained Microbiology jobs:

Microbiology Jobs Estimated Average Salary per annum in INR 
Mycologist 4,33,536 
Biomedical Scientist5,81,325 
Water Quality Laboratory Technician1,83,126 
Food Technologist/Scientist7,50,000 
Cosmetic Scientists4,70,400 
Clinical Research Associate3,44,254 
Sales Or Technical Representative4,30,000 
Research Assistant3,73,000 
Clinical And Veterinary Microbiologist6,75,078 
Quality Assurance Technologists5,54,000 

Top Recruiting Companies for Microbiology Jobs 

Here are some of the top recruiting agencies for microbiology jobs in India:

  1. Pfizer
  2. Lakshmi Life Sciences Ltd.
  3. The Indian Hotels Company Ltd 
  4. Krauter Healthcare Ltd.
  5. Alpha-Pharma Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

Hence, we hope that this blog helped you explore the major Microbiology jobs. Planning to pursue a degree in Microbiology? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in finding the right course and university as per your interests and preferences! Register for a free session with us today.

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