Shubham’s Study Abroad Journey

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Shubham's Study Abroad Journey

Shubham Chauhan decided to pursue a Master’s in Management after completing his BBA from IMS, Noida, since he was interested in helping his father in growing their retailing business. While he was technically sure of his chosen path and was determined to study abroad, he was completely unsure of how to proceed. He was further puzzled by the fact that he did not feel he would be admitted to a prestigious university. He then made contact with Leverage Edu for career advice. Shubham is now a happy student at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at Shubham’s Study Abroad Journey:

Shubham Chauhan’s Background

Shubham, a resident of Sonipat, Haryana, was a student at IMS, Noida, seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration. His family owned a retail store, which aroused his interest in studying management so he could assist his father in growing the firm. Shubham had desired to study abroad since childhood, and while he couldn’t pursue his Bachelor’s degree there, he was determined to pursue his Master’s degree in some of the top countries in the world.

Shubham’s Study Abroad Journey from Sonipat to Scotland

Shubham was unsure whether the subject he had chosen was right for him and, if so, which universities in which countries he could apply to when he first contacted Leverage Edu Office for his first session. He doubted his potential to get into the best colleges because of his interviewing skills. 

Shubam is currently pursuing his dream course at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom. Let us now examine the various processes that ultimately lead Shubham to one of the world’s greatest institutions.

Initial Step

Leverage Edu believes in providing the greatest counseling guidance to help aspirants pass with flying colors. Each aspirant is assigned a head coach who assists them in breaking things down and allowing the aspirant in coming up with a conclusion. Shubham, too, was appointed a head coach who directed him to choose the right country and the right university.

One Step Closer

The head coach’s first responsibility was to provide him a pager with his goals and where he sees himself in the following three years. Shubham complied with the request, and this activity proved to be the ice-breaker in the decision-making process. There was a better clarity in Shubham’s mind.

Preparation with the Head Coach

Shubham’s Study abroad journey started with a blueprint that was prepared with the support of the head coach, who helped him understand the best way to get into the proper universities, the right exams to prepare for – IELTS/GMAT, and the weak areas where Shubham needed to improve. Shubham’s interviewing abilities were one of his weak aspects, and the head coach assisted him by providing essential advice and ideas to remember in order to succeed in the interview process. 

Writing the SOP

Shubham was also provided assistance in preparing the SOP for the selected universities; he was given training sessions that instructed him how to write the SOP in the proper format.

Shubham created the SOP and provided his head coach a copy first. The head coach proposed four institutions that would be a good fit for Shubham after learning about his goals and examining his SOP; the course curriculum to be followed, the course prices, and reasons to consider the colleges.

Cracking the Interviews

Cracking an interview is generally the toughest stage of the admissions process. Especially for Shubham, who dropped the idea of doing bachelors abroad to avoid the interview process. But this time, Shubham had a helping hand- Leverage Edu. Shubham took several sessions with Leverage Edu to learn the tips & tricks to crack the interview.

From a Dream to Reality

With extensive training sessions and several mock interviews, Shubham gave his interviews in all the four recommended universities. Shubham awaited the results after the admissions procedure was over, and he couldn’t believe he had made it to three of the four universities. Shubham chose to pursue his dream course in the University of Stirling not only cracked the university’s interview but also was awarded with a scholarship

Visa Assistance by Leverage Edu

Shubham’s time with Leverage Edu didn’t end there; Leverage Edu also assisted him with his VISA application because we know how important and complex it can be. 

Shubham on His Study Abroad Journey

I consider myself fortunate to have found Leverage Edu; their well-trained faculty, extensive networks, and unwavering support have aided me in finding the proper university. I will strongly advise all students interested in studying abroad to contact Leverage Edu; they are well worth the effort and money!”

Through the process, we watched Shubham evolve from someone who had no idea which institution to attend to pursue his desired course to someone who is more enthusiastic about the future and is happy studying at University of Stirling, Scotland. We hope Shubham’s journey will inspire you to chase your dreams. 

That was Shubham’s Study Abroad Journey. Do you want to study abroad but are unsure about the course to take or which university to attend? Connect with Leverage Edu and we’ll assist you in choosing the ideal option for you.

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