This Day in History – January 28

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January 28

The human civilization is over millions of years old and filled with many historic events that impacted us in one way or another. How amazing does it feel to know that every day we live has lots of history attached to it? From the English writer Horace Walpole inventing the word ‘Serendipity’ in 1754 to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice getting published in the UK in 1813, many historic events took place on January 28.

1077: King Henry IV absolved
German King Henry IV was absolved by Holy Roman Emperor Pope Gregory VII.

1393: Ball of Ardents
A fire broke out during the Royal Ball in Paris resulting in 4 deaths.

1495: Pope Alexander the Sixth sent his son as hostage
Pope Alexander VI gave his son Cesar, as Hostage to Charles VIII of France.

1547: Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII
9 Year Old Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII as the King of England.

1581: Second Confession of Faith
James VI signed the Second Confession of Faith in Scotland on January 28, 1581.

1624: First English Colony in the Caribbean
Sir Thomas Warner discovered the first English Colony in the Caribbean on Saint Kitts.

1671: Henry Morgan Captured Panama City
Henry Morgan, a British Pirate, captured Panama City from its Spanish defenders.

1724: Inauguration of The Russian Academy of Science 
The Russian Academy of Sciences was founded in St. Petersburg by the Russian Tsar, Peter the Great.

1754: Horace Walpole invented the word ‘Serendipity’
The word ‘Serendipity’ which means ‘finding something accidentally good’ was invented by Horace Walpole.

1770: Frederick North became the Prime Minister
After Augustus FitzRoy resigned, Frederick North became the Prime Minister of Great Britain on January 28, 1770.

1813: Pride and Prejudice released
Thomas Egerton in the United Kingdom published Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

1819: Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore
British Statesman and Founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, landed in Singapore.

1855: First Locomotive on the Panama Railway
The first locomotive ran from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean on the Panama Railway.

1878: First College Daily Newspaper
Yale Daily News Published the first College Daily Newspaper.

1959: Soviet Union versus the USA in a Basketball match
Soviet Union won by a score of 62-37 against the USA. It was the first international loss for Team USA on January 28, 1959.

1991: Dictator Siad Barre ran away
Dictator Siad Barre fled Somalia, ending his 22-year rule.

1998: Michelangelo’s Christ and The Woman of Samaria sold
Michelangelo’s Christ and The Woman of Samaria was sold for $7.4 Million.

2002: TAME Flight 120 Crashed
Tame Flight 120 crashed in the Andes Mountains in Southern Colombia killing 92 people on January 28, 2002.

Famous Birthdays on January 28

  • HRVY, R&B Singer
  • Marcus Dobre, a Youtube Star
  • Lucas Dobre, a Youtube Star
  • J Cole, a Rapper
  • Ashley Purdey, a Bassist
  • Roman Kemp, a Radio Host
  • Gianluigi Buffon, a Football Player
  • Henry the VII, King of England

These were the most historical events that happened in world history on January 28. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu and follow us on Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook for more educational content.

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