Meet the 12-year-old Entrepreneur, Maithri Anand, who Created Bag Buddy!

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Maithri Anand

Recently, the 12-year-old Maithri Anand from Chennai’s Navadisha Montessori School captured nationwide attention after developing a functional swim bag which will help you in keeping all your swimming gears organised. Let’s get to know more about this young entrepreneur Maithri Anand who has started her own business called Bag Buddy!

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About Maithri Anand, the 12-year-old Entrepreneur

We all have heard the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” and it was truly the motivation behind Maithri’s Bag Buddy! In an interview, Maithri told that while trying to organise her swimming gear she used to get late for school, also that she was unable to find anything that would help her to organise them and that’s why she decided to create this bag. This budding entrepreneur entered the Business world at the mere age of 6 when she started a mini library and again when she started writing and selling kid-friendly newspapers. So, her entrepreneurial skills have been at work since the beginning and have now materialised itself in the form of this particular innovation of hers. 

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Maithri’s Bag Buddy

Maithri Anand
Courtesy: Femina

Maithri Anand’s uniquely designed swim bags have varied compartments to store every accessory which is used in swimming. It has 6 small compartments and one big one which can be used to put your clothes. This unique, functional and waterproof bag is priced at Rs. 700 and comes with a plastic bag to store wet clothes after swimming. The highlight of her bag is how well though it’s model and structure is. Being a swimmer herself, Maithri was aware of the needs of a swimmer and therefore was able to come up with this particular design. 

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Maithri created the bag with the help of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) and then introduced her bag buddy to the world through social media. Maithri released a commercial which she created with the help of her cousin and that’s how the product was first introduced to the world. The YEA actually approved her advertisement, and it helped in marketing the product among the masses. But before launching the product online she made her first sale through a sports shop owned by her father’s friend. Here she made her first 20 sales and then went on to sell them through her Instagram page and website.

Everything related to the creation and production of 12-year-old Maithri Anand’s Bag Buddy bad had a clear cut plan. She searched and then contacted the most efficient manufacturers in the field of sports goods in her area and through them started the production process. It was definitely a long journey, but as her first official start-up was worth the hard work! She has already made an amount of 50,000 INR by selling her bags since the past one and a half years and seeing how useful and functional this bag is, the amount will keep on increasing. 

This was the success story of a young entrepreneur who has truly inspired us to create and innovate newer things to make our lives better! If you are looking for more such inspiring stories, keep following us at Leverage Edu.

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