Indian students can now get UK Visa in one day

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The British High Commission in India issued an advisory to Indian students seeking to study in the United Kingdom on Tuesday. The British Ambassador to India, Alex Ellis, stated that the UK intends to increase the number of student visas awarded, with the goal of breaking the record set this year in June 2022.

Alex Ellis announced the availability of Priority and Super Priority visas for Indian students wishing to enrol in the upcoming academic session in the United Kingdom. According to the British Ambassador to India, India is the largest source of students in the United Kingdom.

“There is a high demand — we recommend you apply for your visa as early as possible with the required documentation,” Ellis said in his video message. He asked students to apply as soon as possible with all the right documents.

Documents Required for a UK Student Visa:

  • University offer letter – Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) (You must provide this reference number on your visa application. You must apply for a visa within six months of receiving your CAS.)
  • TB certificate (If you plan to stay in the UK for more than six months, you must get a tuberculosis test).
  • Proof of funding (This includes a government, government-sponsored loan company, or regulated student loan scheme student loan, your own money, your parent’s money (if they provide a letter confirming they agree to you using it this way), and your partner’s money if your partner is present in the UK or applying at the same time.)

What exactly is a Priority, Super Priority Visa?

The UK Visas and Immigration office has now made the Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa services available to students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. Additional fees apply to priority and super priority visa services.

“If you verify your identification at a visa application centre and the service is available in the country you’re applying from, you can choose the ‘priority service’ when you apply,” according to the UK government. This service will be charged separately.”

If the student attends their appointment at the visa application centre or applies online, the typical student visa service currently has a turnaround time of 15 days to 3 weeks.

Priority Visa Service: Within 5 working days, the UK government will make a decision on the student’s visa application. Ellis went on to say that this service is now available to Indian students who want to study in the United Kingdom.

Super Priority Visa Service: UK Visas and Immigration strives to make a decision on your super priority visa application and contact you by the end of the next working day from the time you deliver your biometric information.

After the visa is granted: You will be contacted when your documents are ready for pickup if you proved your identification at a visa application centre. You do not require a biometric residence permit if you verified your identification using the UK Immigration: ID Check app and your application was successful (BRP). Your immigration status will be available entirely online.

Biometric residency permit for UK students: If you are staying in the UK for more than six months and have proved your identity at a visa application centre, you must pick up your biometric resident permit (BRP). When you arrive in the UK, pick up your BRP. This must be done before the vignette sticker on your travel document expires, or within 10 days after your arrival in the UK, whichever is later.

Why can your UK visa be delayed?

If your application is denied, you may have to wait longer for a decision.

  • If you need your supporting documentation verified
  • If you are required to attend an interview
  • As a result of your personal circumstances (for example if you have a criminal conviction)

If you apply for a priority or super priority visa and your application was complicated, you may have to wait longer, but your application will still be prioritised at every stage of the decision-making process.

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