20 January: IELTS Speaking Topic – Describe a successful small business that you know about.

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Describe a successful small business that you know about.

Q- Describe a successful small business that you know about.

You should say:

  • How do you know about this company? 
  • What do they produce or do?
  • Why do you think it is successful?

And explain how you think it became successful.

A- Today, I am going to talk about my parent’s wedding photography business. My parents have owned their own businesses since I was a child. They are quite enterprising individuals who find working for themselves to be more fulfilling than holding down a standard job.

They own a photography studio for weddings. They both have a strong interest in photography. In actuality, my parents actually met one other through photography. They had a mutual love of photography and were both accomplished photographers. They went one step further and made it into a company.

I believe they made that claim a few years before I was born, so the company has been in operation for more than a few decades and has built up a respectable name for itself in the neighbourhood. In light of this, a large portion of their revenue comes from word-of-mouth rather than advertising. Couples who were thrilled with their photographs have raved to their friends and relatives about my parents’ enterprise. My parents’ company is frequently suggested when someone they know is getting married.

Over the years, they have grown the company and hired additional photographers.  They’ve also built a bridal boutique filled with both contemporary and traditional wedding gowns. 

The fact that they have been able to create a company that is so profitable and enduring in my opinion is very fantastic. I am aware that they have faced some challenges with it, and their tenacity and perseverance have truly paid off. They’ve given me a lot of advice on starting my own business and have always supported me in doing so rather than forcing me to take a conventional job.

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