19 January: IELTS Listening Topics- Listening Task 4 (Sentence Completion)

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Listening Task 4 (Sentence Completion)

Listen to the audio below and answer the following Sentence-completion questions to boost your listening skills 👇.

Before answering these questions look at the instructions and techniques in the PDF 👇.

Complete the Sentences Below (Questions 21 – 25)

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer-

Notes on Assignments

21 Gyroscopes have various types of applications, such as laser devices,……..

22 The purpose of the project is to design a functional, practised and ……product.

23 The gyroscopic exercise ball can be set in motion by movements of the………………………….

24 The gyroscopic ball could help people in ……..who have injuries

25 The product could also be aimed at……..(e.g. tennis players).

Check out the correct answer given below👇 in the PDF.

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