5 January: IELTS Speaking Topic- Describe a traditional product in your country.

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Describe a traditional product in your country.

Q- Describe a traditional product in your country.

You should say:

  • What the product is?
  • When you tried this product for the first time?
  • What it is made of?
  • And explain how you feel about it.

A- Well, I would like to talk about ‘Sattu’ which is my everyday breakfast option. Although globalization has caused a major shift in my nation, the rural areas are firmly rooted in their history. Because of this, I always have a great emotional experience travelling to the countryside. My recent trip to the country was noteworthy because I acquired a traditional good called “Sattu.” It is a conventional product that is widely used in rural India. The black chickpeas must first be roasted before we can create them. The next step is grinding, which comes after roasting. Finally, the Sattu flour is prepared for consumption after grinding.
I gave it my first try in my early years when I visited my hometown. I was honestly blown away by the taste and the nutritious value of it. Because Sattu is a superfood, it keeps you full longer and helps replenish essential nutrients in your body. Today’s youth consume protein shakes to build muscle full of inorganic chemicals. Additionally, it makes sense that contemporary health foods are pricey.
In contrast, Sattu is a moderately priced option for protein shakes and is much more nutrient-dense. The price of a 1 kg bag is no more than 100 Rs. It’s also a versatile option as you can eat it with either sweet or salt.
To make my visitors feel special during a family gathering at my house last month, I cooked all of the dishes using Sattu as the primary ingredient. All family members appreciated my experiment after eating the delicious foods I had prepared. It has become the preferred beverage of many celebrities due to its unparalleled advantages and because it is palatable and healthful too. I consider myself fit these days, and the traditional product “Sattu” deserves all the credit.

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