6 February: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic – Is teaching people over 65 to use computers the best way to spend government money?

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Is teaching people over 65 to use computers the best way to spend government money?

Q- Is teaching people over 65 to use computers the best way to spend government money? To what extent do you agree?

Ans- Nowadays, a lot of people think that teaching elders how to use computers are one of the best strategies that the government should think about using its resources. I firmly believe that this strategy will impact seniors in a variety of ways.

Learning about computers helps elders become more comfortable with contemporary technology and more competent in society. Older adults can pick up some fundamental computer skills, like word processing and web browsing. As a result, individuals will get more comfortable using technology and be capable of operating these tools and programs without help. As a result, individuals use their skills to participate in various online activities like social media or online forums. According to numerous studies by experts, older adults who engage in online communities report feeling less lonely than their younger counterparts.

Additionally, technology can reduce the distances between elders and their offspring. Needless to say, the younger generations spend a lot of time online- either on their cell phones or their PCs. If their grandparents can use PCs too, they can contact them more frequently. This results in bridging the gap between generations too. Hence, it is a fantastic method for grandparents to remain in touch with their grandkids and even to make new online friends who can inspire them to lead fulfilling lives and experience better mental health. 

To sum up, it is evident that older folks benefit in numerous ways from computer literacy, and the state should think about allocating greater funding to their education.

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