Top 11 IELTS Listening Tips to Get 8+ Band Score

Top 11 IELTS Listening Tips to Get 8+ Band Score
Top 11 IELTS Listening Tips to Get 8+ Band Score

If you are struggling with IELTS Test Preparation and are seeking some IELTS suggestions, then this video by Leverage Edu IELTS expert is a must-watch for you! Acquire the best listening tips and tricks for both IELTS listening test computer-based and IELTS listening paper-based exams. The IELTS Listening section aims to examine your listening abilities. The IELTS listening test is configured to evaluate how well you can understand general ideas and detailed information, recognize the opinions and perceptions of the speaker and try to emulate the advancement of the reasoning.

The test is the same for students taking the Academic and General Training IELTS Test. The time limit of the test is 30 minutes. You have to answer 40 questions which are divided into 4 parts in these 30 minutes. Students taking written tests get 30 minutes to listen to the audio and supplementary 10 minutes to convey their answers to the answer sheet. On the other hand, these supplementary 10 minutes are decreased to 2 minutes for those taking the computer-based questionnaire. In both cases, the key is to concentrate and not lose your attention. This video assists you to learn – top 11 IELTS listening devices to get an 8+ Band Score.

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