How Can Study Abroad Help Make You a Global Citizen

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How Can Study Abroad Help Make You a Global Citizen

First of all, Who is a Global Citizen? Does it mean that you have passports from many different countries? Of course not! You can have any nationality and yet be a Global Citizen. Ritesh, a former student of mine emailed me and said: “Can you become a Global Citizen by visiting many different countries on a tourism trip?”No, Ritesh, Not all! When you travel as a tourist you explore the well-known sites of a particular region, maybe check out some museums, shopping, etc. That exposure is limited. It is superficial. You do not gain an understanding of a region’s culture, the way its people think, the way the economy works, or the social challenges that a region faces.

All of these are important to gain a deep understanding of a place. This cannot be achieved unless you have the time and the opportunity to learn about that region, in that region. Let me share a personal (and professional) example.  I have lived in seven countries including Japan, Ethiopia, Russia, the US, and Israel.  In these countries, I have either done research or taught at universities. I, therefore, have a solid understanding of the work culture, and economic and social structuring in these countries. Although I have visited several other countries as well, I have spent only a few days there. Thus, my understanding about those is that of a tourist! Thus, being a Global Citizen is about having an international understanding of issues on a broader ( global level). No, you don’t need to know about every country! What counts is the awareness of international issues related to business, politics, work, finance, social structures, etc.

How Can You Become a Global Citizen? 

To become a Global Citizen, there are two clear pathways for students and young professionals: Study Abroad and Work Abroad. If you can get a job abroad, that’s great! If not, then Study Abroad is your best bet.

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How Does Study Abroad Help to Become a Global Citizen?

As a Study Abroad student, you are educated in a system of education, which is different from the one you know. This challenges you intellectually. When you work on courses and projects with other international students who may belong to ten or twenty other countries, this collaboration and exchange create a group of Global Citizens!

What is a Good Time to go Study Abroad? 

There is no ‘right’ time to Study Abroad. You can go as an undergrad, for a Masters’s degree, or even later for a Ph.D. The choice depends mostly on two factors: the subject you are pursuing and the financial implications. From India, we do have undergrads who go overseas to Liberal Arts colleges or for engineering degrees straight after high school. However, recent trends suggest that students prefer to go for master’ programs—especially in the Sciences, Data Analytics, Business Studies, Finance, and Management. Masters’ degrees in Social Sciences, Economics, Anthropology, Environment, and so forth. Regardless of when you choose to go, the Study Abroad experience will surely enrich you on your path to becoming a Global Citizen!

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Why is it Useful to Become a Global Citizen? 

In our world today, it is impossible for any economy or country to be self-contained. Businesses are interconnected. Manufacturing may be located in one place, raw materials may be sourced from many different places, technology may be acquired from another partner and the final product may have a market in a different country. Thus, whether you work for a company or start a business, being a Global Citizen will always be an asset. If you are a young professional, you can be sure that all recruiters would prefer a candidate who can think broadly and has an awareness of global trends. One final point, the Pandemic has shown the world that the world is changing fast. A Global Citizen is an individual who is empowered with a comparative understanding. A broader, international perspective will also make you adaptable to sudden changes in the business. All of these are qualities for high employability.

To Sum-up Becoming a Global Citizen is an asset to enhancing career opportunities in the international job market. And if you are a student, Study Abroad is the best route to start on that path. We will be back next Friday with another amazing blog from Dr.Maina Chawla Singh. Till then, if you have any questions or suggestions, just drop us a comment and we will get back to you.

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