How to Get a 700+ GMAT Score?

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How to Get a 700+ GMAT Score (1)

Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer adaptive test designed to evaluate certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English. The GMAT is often the most intimidating step in the challenging admission process for MBA candidates. The 700 mark has long been thought of as the hurdle to clear when applying to elite MBA programmes. It is not an easy score to attain. If you want to know how can you get a 700+ GMAT Score, keep reading the whole blog!

Few Suggestive Measures to Get a 700+ GMAT Score 

1. Take the GMAT Exam Seriously 

Successful test takers all have the trait of being devoted to the work in terms of time and effort. The GMAT is an extremely difficult exam, and because of the time limit, it will make you pay, if you are unprepared.

2. Official Guides and GMAT Test Prep Software are a Must 

Many students will benefit from taking a specialised course, while some may prefer using one of the many books and study aids that are available that cover every part of the test. In any event, the only sources containing genuine GMAT exam questions are the official handbook and the verbal and quantitative supplements. So, they are essential. Additionally, if more practice exams or additional sets of questions are required, these are also available on the internet.

3. Keep an error log

A competent student will always spend as much time examining the questions they got incorrect as they do taking them, in order to spot errors and shortcomings. No test taker becomes considerably better by just answering practise test questions one after the other. This must be done in order to increase efficiency and concentrate on the areas that require development.

4. Pace yourself

Always keep note of the time spent on each question during test preparation since, at the conclusion of the procedure, you should be able to solve nearly any question within that time limit. The exam offers you, on average, only two minutes for each question. One crucial lesson I eventually had to learn the hard way is that skipping two or three questions won’t drastically lower your GMAT score and could even allow you enough time to finish the test. It is not worthwhile to spend time on a question you have no idea how to answer. After a minute, if you still don’t know, go on; you’ll need the extra time. The greatest way to solve a problem is the quickest one, which is the second crucial principle, building on the first.

5. When taking a practice test, take it entirely

Remember that you will have completed one hour’s worth of work by the time you reach the quant portion of the real GMAT exam. As a result, it is in your best interest to utilise test preparation to practise the AWA and IR sections so that the experience will be more realistic. Furthermore, it would be unfortunate if you had a top GMAT score but a poor IR or AWA score as a result of not paying close enough attention during your practice exams. Additionally, if you’re having trouble, don’t spend time taking a practice exam; 700+ scorers usually have a success rate of over 90% while responding to questions on the OG. If you fall short of it, you either need more practice or better practice. Once you get there, keep up the pace by attempting a practice exam once a week.

6. Adapt your study

The GMAT honours smart pupils. As a result, after spending some time studying for the exam, you must pinpoint a number of areas that need improvement. When exam day is approaching, you must devote the majority of your time to them.

7. Take proper rest

Although that may seem cliche, it is also entirely accurate. Given the level of focus required to complete questions in two minutes, and even more, if the difficulty level is high, your GMAT score will suffer if you are fatigued.

Step-wise Process to Guarantee Yourself a 700+ GMAT Score

As we already know that GMAT exam is tough, So here we are going to tell you a step-wise process to guarantee you a 700+ GMAT Score

STEP 1: Attend a GMAT strategy session and decide your target score

You may learn more about the GMAT exam by starting with the testing algorithm.

  • How to get a good GMAT score
  • What abilities are required?

GMAT score and scholarships and admissions.

  • How to make a study schedule that is unique to you
  • This will assist you in determining what GMAT score is appropriate for you given your preferred business schools.

STEP 2: Take a diagnostic test

Assessing your initial skill level or your starting GMAT score is the next stage. Taking a diagnostic exam is the most effective technique to learn your starting point. You will be informed of the difference between your beginning and desired scores. Your most recent GMAT score should serve as your starting point if you have already taken the GMAT.

STEP 3: Estimate the amount of time you’ll need

The sort of study resources you have decided to employ will affect this estimation. Either GMAT study guides or online GMAT courses are options. Most individuals use both of these when they are studying. Our research indicates that for every 10-point score increase when taking a data-driven online course, you need to study for 7 hours. 12 hours are needed if you are learning from books.

STEP 4: Create a sequence of study and allocate hours

Always begin with your portion that is stronger. We believe this strategy works because, after you start preparing your weaker area, your stronger section will still be fresh in your memory.

STEP 5: Track your improvement – A study plan

The most effective technique to monitor your progress is through study programs. You may make your own study schedule using the details from stages 3, 4, and 5. We advise you to compare your study plan with one of our sample plans to make sure it is accurate.

Step 6: Take mock tests

Targeting a 700+ GMAT score simply can’t be done if you ignore mock tests. You can identify your areas of idea or application weakness using mock exams. Additionally, they will highlight weaknesses in test-taking techniques and accurately assess your GMAT readiness. Mock tests will help you improve your focus and endurance for the GMAT if you become weary while doing a complete mock.

There’s no secret recipe for a 700 GMAT score. Whether you get there by attending a class, studying on your own, or working with a tutor, you’ll need patience, persistence, and forethought.

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