How to deal with failures!

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how to deal with failure
how to deal with failure

Failure! The most overrated thing on this planet. Especially since people are unaware of how to deal with failures.It is no ghost, but the number of people afraid of it can outnumber any huge figure. For people considering it as a step backwards, we would like to clarify, it is rather a stepping stone. Mentioning here a fact, top companies around the world seek for employees who had a track record of failures as well as successes in life. It’s because people who have faced and survived failure are the ones with great and impeccable knowledge.

A child falls hundred and thousands of times before finally starting to walk. Isn’t that failure? We all have gone through that phase once in our lives- falling and getting up again, that’s how life goes on. But today, when we have all grown up, we tend to hate failures. We dread them. We usually let them ride our emotions and many of us even give up on the way. But wait, here’s what Michael Jordan has to say- “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeeded. For me, failure is the key to success.”

We understand that dealing with failure can become nightmarish. That’s why to ease it up for you, we are mentioning a few things to let you know

how to deal with failures

in a better way.

  • Acknowledge. Adapt.

Keep aside all your emotions, open up your mind and start asking yourself questions like what made you fail? How could you have prevented it? Was it under your control? After you have answers to these questions, think about the learnings that particular failure caused and how you can apply those in future for better outcomes. But if you follow such a progressive procedure, you’ve already succeeded in a broader sense.

  • Avoid making it personal

It’s NOT OKAY to categorize yourself as a failure if you weren’t successful in doing something. Edison did not just create the bulb in one go, he failed a thousand times. Don’t let your failures define you, or it could attack your self-esteem and confidence. You know when can one be called a failure? The day he or she gives up. Because that is when success closes all its doors.

  • Open the bottle of your emotions

People after having a setback usually try not to discuss it with anyone fearing judgment. They feel the only right way to handle the situation is by keeping everything to themselves. But it only adds to the misery. What really can work is to have someone close to listen to you while you give vent to all your emotions. While you have a conversation with someone else, it allows you to see it from their perspective. And in most of the cases, this way has worked out pretty well for people.

  • Let it go

The more you will cling to it, the more destructive it will become. You must realize that failure is an inseparable part of life. Success without failure exists only in fairy tales. If you are still unable to move on, just remember you cannot change your past, but can surely shape your future. Choose wisely what’s more important for you.

  • No, you don’t need everybody’s approval

Most people are not really afraid of failures. They are afraid of judgments. On how to deal with failures. What will he think of me? What will she tell others about me? Will they laugh at me? Questions like these keep on haunting them. But do such things really matter? Isn’t it your life and not theirs? You are supposed to live it your way with requiring an approval from everyone around you.

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