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It’s the first day of the creative writing course, students are smiling and gazing each other as if they are trying to read stories from each other’s faces. Amongst all the excited enthusiasts, sat one girl with her hair cuddled into a ponytail, her big brown eyes making their way through her round glasses trying to focus on the book that lays on the table in front of her.

The teacher enters the classroom with her left hand wrapped around a tall coffee mug and the other holding books pressed against herself. She had a big broad smile on her face that disappeared almost instantly as soon as her eyes fell on the book CHEMISTRY MADE EASY that the girl was reading.

“What makes you bring a chemistry book to a creative writing class? I hope you are in the right room!”

“I am never in the right room.” she said almost instantly and regret flowed down her face with sweat running down her cheek. “I feel sorry ma’am”, she continued “I have a chemistry exam tomorrow and I was just studying for that.”

“So you aren’t a literature student or a blogger or a freelance content writer?”, asked the teacher.

“No ma’am. I am not. I am a science student. Writing is something my heart wants to indulge in and that’s why I joined this course.”

“Cool. What’s your name?” she asked

“Aikanshita” she says softly.

“That’s a beautiful name. I would like others to introduce themselves as well” said the teacher and the class continued.

From chemistry to computer science to physics, the books she brought to the class kept changing every week.

It has been six months and it was the last class of the course, and with all aspects of creative writing being covered, everyone was asked to write a story based on the prompt given by the teacher.

Aikanshita got a prompt that said “I am always in the wrong room”. Even though these were the first words she uttered in this classroom, she failed to pen down anything at all in the next three hours.

The teacher said nothing to her until this creative journey came to an end. As students were walking out of the room discussing the name they want to give to their first books, she asked Aikanshita to stay back.

When it was just the teacher and Aikanshita the only ones left, silence felt like the third person present in the room.

Finally, the teacher murdered the silence and said “You can always leave the wrong room and enter the right one”

“I know. But it’s not that easy and not even an option anymore.” said Aikanshita. 

Her frustration broke down as she sat and continued “I was made to take science because my cousin did it and my parents believe I too would be successful if I follow the same footsteps. I told them I am more of a artistic person and I wanna pursue writing. They said since no one in the family is a writer and has experience in it, I shouldn’t take the risk. Well, to be honest I too wanted to play it safe because it’s better to do something and have my pockets filled than do something no one can guide me on and I end up being a failure. I regret my decision. I feel I can’t do something unless I totally enjoy it. My grades are falling. My parents are upset with me. I skipped my dinner for the last 3 months to save enough money to pay for this course. My friends believe I just write depressing stuff and can’t be a writer. Maybe something else is my passion that I am oblivious to. I am so stuck and I have no one to help me.”

The teacher interrupted her and said “You need to leverage your potential and be where you belong, not get stuck between parental pressure and what your friends say. You just need someone to guide you and bridge the gap. This uncertainty is normal. You just need the right mentor.”

“So what do I do now? Who will help me?” Aikanshita asked.

Leverage Edu.” the teacher said.

“What’s that?” she asked

“It’s the helping hand you need right now, something you will thank me for after it shows you the way to the room you belong in. It was in the press. It has a office in Delhi too. Google it. I am getting late for the next class.” the teacher said hurridly while walking out of the room.

Aikanshita smiled and whispered “thank you ma’am” as she browsed www.leverageedu.com.

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